316 | From 12 Bank Accounts To A Sigh Of Relief! – Chat with Renae

Yep. She once had TWELVE bank accounts open… but now her money management story looks very different indeed!

Joining us today is listener Renae Brandsema… and we’re about to unpack how she said goodbye to financial stress once and for all.

Because what’s interesting about Renae is she has known what money is like as a stressor – and she’s previously tried to control this stress by counting every single dollar that went out the door – which at face value might seem like it’s smart money management, but in actual fact does more harm than good… often contributing (or perhaps even causing) the stress in the first place!

We mean… Can you even imagine trying to manage all those bank accounts!?!

Thankfully, Renae has a very different relationship to money now… and while she’s kept some of her positive money habits – like being frugal when it comes to “wants” versus “needs” – she now knows what it’s like to be in REAL CONTROL of her money.

… And with that comes the best reward – Financial Peace.

Tune in now to hear how Renae took total control back of her money management (and got rid of all those accounts 😉)!


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Here’s What We Cover…

  • 02:53 — Meet Renae and her money background…
  • 07:12 — What’s she like with shopping?!
  • 07:50 — What’s “holes in socks” got to do with all this?
  • 09:47 — The transition to marital life…
  • 11:00 — Who handles the money in the relationship?
  • 11:49 — What were the early years of managing money like?
  • 12:38 — 12 bank accounts!
  • 16:30 — The reconciling system…
  • 18:36 — What was causing all the money stress?
  • 19:39 — What triggered her to look for a different system?
  • 23:01 — The “A-ha” moment…
  • 24:40 — The biggest change (and how it impacted Renae’s husband)
  • 30:19 — The Money Transformation!
  • 31:23 — What was the property planning process like?
  • 35:07 — Why does Renae think you should use Money SMARTS?
  • 26:39 — What does their weekly “kitty” look like?
  • 39:40 — #1 Tip for paying for petrol!
  • 44:08 — How long does their monthly check up take?
  • 46:39 — How to get The Big Rock in The Jar…
  • 53:53 — What do you do with business profits inside the MyWealth Portal?
  • 55:36 — What do we think about financial education in schools?



Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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