TPC Gold | The #1 Money Rule for Life

Today’s bonus snippet is from our previous episode on The Three Money Rules for Life.

In this TPC Gold soundbite, Bryce & Ben cover the #1 rule you should be following if you want to be successful at managing and growing your money!

Tune in to find out what this rule is (if you’re listening to the podcast, chances are that you might already be following it), and which of the three types of “money people” you are…

Listen to the full episode here: Episode 303 | The Three Money Rules for Life


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Guests/Episodes Mentioned

  • James Clear – Author of Atomic Habits
    • Ep 261: How to Hack Your Habits to Make You a Better Money Manager
  • Scott Keck – Property valuation expert!
    • Ep 302: Back to the Future: Lessons from 50 Years at the Top of His Game



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