TPC Gold | How to Build a Solid Wealth Plan

Today’s bonus snippet is from a previous episode on the 6 Critical Foundations Your Wealth Plan Should Be Built On. 

In this TPC Gold soundbite, Bryce & Ben discuss two of the non-negotiables when building your property portfolio and why it’s so important to get the foundations right! 

Take any iconic building you can think of as an example – whether that’s the Sydney Opera House or the Burj Khalifa. 

Chances are not many were going around taking photos of these structures when they were incomplete…but it was this phase that was absolutely the most important. Building the foundations – whilst not glamorous, is what ensures the buildings are the masterpieces they are today. 

When you have your foundations right, you can account for external movements and be as prepared as you can be for whatever comes your way! 

Tune in to the full episode here: Episode 101 | Sand or Stone – 6 Critical Foundations Your Wealth Plan Should Be Built On 


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