The Game of Property Investing: How To Win Before You Even Play

Are you curious about the single factor that distinguishes a thriving property investor from one facing financial challenges?


Well, to take that one step further… it is actually the RIGHT knowledge!

Property Investing is a game. Sure, it’s a game that requires part “Art” and part “Science”, but it’s just like any other game… there are “rules” you need to play by. And these rules determine whether you win or lose.

So, what would be possible for you if you ALREADY knew how to win at The Game of Property Investing?

In this episode – one of a ten-part mini-series of our #1 bestselling book, The Armchair Guide to Property Investing: How to Retire on $2,000 a week – introduces you to The Cardinal Rule every property investor must know if they want to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio that creates a passive income for life!

Listen now to get Rule #1: How To Win Before You Even Play!

Get further insights and “play along at home” by picking up a FREE physical copy of our book here: http://www.thearmchairguide.com.au/

Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • Who are we to teach The Game of Property Investing, anyway?
  • A behind the scenes look out our personal experiences as property investors
  • How To Adopt The Winning Mindset of A Successful Property Investor
  • Why Property Investors Fail: The Barriers To Lasting Wealth And How To Avoid Them
  • Why Your Money Attitude Will Either Cripple You OR Propel You Forward
  • Why don’t the majority of people succeed as property investors?
  • The “Have-Nots and Won’t Haves” vs. The “Will-Haves” (use these insights to see where you currently sit!)
  • The best place to start…
  • Personal Values and Money Alignment
  • Bryce Holdaway’s Mindset Tips (a sneak peak)
  • Ben Kingsley’s Action Plan (a sneak peak)


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