101 | Sand or Stone – 6 Critical Foundations Your Wealth Plan Should Be Built On

With a fresh start this week for The Property Couch after our much-anticipated 100th episode last week, the energy definitely hasn’t dwindled as Episode 101 has Bryce and Ben discussing the six critical foundations to building your wealth plan. From the comfort of Ben’s home instead of the studio this week, (as not even an operation can delay an episode of TPC), the guys discuss foundations such as strategy, getting a mentor and building your tribe to name a few. Similar to a skyscraper or a mega size bridge, the foundations in which you build your property portfolio or even, your financial wealth plan on is crucial. However, it’s not an exciting process and can be mundane for some but do not underestimate how much difference it can make to the long-term performance of your wealth plan. Time is a commodity that you can’t afford to lose and if you find out later in life that your wealth plan isn’t going to work, it can potentially be too late.

Of course, the jokes and banter still continue on in this podcast, and with that in mind, we hope you enjoy this next instalment and the next step that The Property Couch is taking. To another 100 episodes!

P.S If anything, don’t miss this latest episode for the brand new sign-off at the end!


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