Joey D’Agata

More than a few of us question how folks in their twenties can even afford to get on the property ladder… let alone haul themselves up to create a high-income producing portfolio! So, imagine our surprise when we discovered that this guest manage to turn $4,000 into SIX properties, DIY-investor style, at 26.

Here’s what you’re for your very special Boxing Day episode….

  • What did Joey do with $4,000 that put him in a position to purchase SIX properties?
  • How have his friends (also in their twenties) taught him about tenants?
  • What was the very first thing he went and did after listening to The Property Couch? (Nice one!!!)
  • A breakdown of the SIX properties…
  • What is the global loan-to-value ratio (LVR) for all of his properties — ie. What kind of debt are we looking at here?
  • What are the considerations of investing (and living) in an AirBnb property?
  • Balance out a loss with higher yield properties…
  • Progress in mindset: Where’s Joey’s “head at” now?





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