Episode 403 | Do You Need a Buyers Agent in Today’s Market? (Part 2)

Continuing from last week’s episode, we’re back with PART 2 of Do You Need a Buyers Agent in Today’s Market?  

As we’ve said since our earliest podcast episodes, folks end up paying in 1 of 4 ways, and choosing to work with a Buyers Agent means you’re also choosing to pay in the best way… (especially in today’s market, you don’t want to be paying in any of the other ways…) 

This week we’ll be diving deeper into this concept and unpacking the 5 benefits that Buyers Agents bring to property hunters – especially in today’s turbulent market  

We’ll be covering… 

  1. Experience: Like why is it important for Buyers Agents to “pound the pavement” daily?  And how can you actually select an experienced one?
  2. Negotiation: The 3 Reasons Buyers Agents negotiate better (Have you heard of Gazumping??) Plus some real examples of effective negotiation that’s led to price reduction…. 
  3. Emotional Guidance: ONE of the key things Buyers Agents apply to save you lots of head (and heart) ache later down the track… 
  4. Time-Saving: The Magic of Momentum and Curation  
  5. Money Saving: Why PROCRASTINATION will cost you the most and other ways you pay… 

And so much more!   

We’re also welcoming back an extremely special Winter Series Guest who’s weighing in on whether the cost of a Buyers Agent is truly worth the benefits ~ stay tuned to find out who it is! 😉  


Tune in now folks, we’re driving this one home with a bang!  

P.S. Make sure to stick around till the end to hear Ben unpack PICA and PIPA’s newest findings on whether rent has kept up with inflation (and if you’re a landlord we want to hear your experiences – fill out PIPA’s 2022 Sentiment Survey here and have your thoughts heard!!)  


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – A taster of what we’re covering today…
  • 3:10 – How can you feel more gratitude folks?  
  • 7:00 – If you’ve found value in us, could you please share THIS episode folks… 😊  
  • 8:03 – A kind review – this is why we do what we do!  
  • 9:08 – RECAP: Do You Need a Buyers Agent in Today’s Market? 
  • 10:39 – Benefit #1: Experience – The #2 ways you can tell 
  • 13:01 – Why any good Buyers Agent needs to “pound the pavement”…. 
  • 14:34 – What do Buyers Agents look for??  
  • 17:01 – Why they are Champions of Sequencing 
  • 17:49 – #1 HUGE advantage of using an experienced Buyers Agent!!  
  • 19:58 – They avoid making N_G_T_ _ _I_N mistakes!  
  • 20:50 – Ben’s Favourite “Oops” Story  
  • 23:27 – How to Choose an Experienced Buyers Agent (Ask THESE Questions!!) 
  • 25:18 – Benefit #2: Negotiation 
  • 26:00 – The COMP Analysis    
  • 28:12 – Acknowledge THIS before going in folks… 
  • 30:07 – The 3 Reasons Buyers Agents negotiate better (Have you heard of Gazumping??)  
  • 31:45 – Emotional Intelligence vs. Ego  
  • 34:15 – The Key Advantages of Agent Relationships!  
  • 37:00 – Real examples of how effective negotiation has led to price reduction!!  
  • 38:47 – Benefit #3: Emotional Guidance: The role of a Collaboration Partner  
  • 42:00 – Benefit #4: Time Saving  
  • 43:16 – The Magic of Momentum!!   
  • 45:05 – Scraping: How Buyers Agent minimise time but upscale volume  
  • 47:02 – Curation and #4 other massive benefits! 
  • 48:58 – Benefit #5: Money Saving: No Buyers Agent EVER says this… 
  • 49:29 – Folks, you pay 1 of 4 ways (we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again!)  
  • 52:22 – Why PROCRASTINATION is the biggest cost!!  
  • 55:28 – A Return Winter Series Guest weighs in on the cost vs. benefits of using a Buyers Agent!!  
  • 58:23- The Value Calculation many folks struggle with…  
  • 59:38 – Want to become a Borderless Investor? This is how a Buyers Agent could help!  
  • 1:01:00 – How Buyers Agents stop emotional buying… 
  • 1:02:24 – The Amazing 15-Minute Negotiation which Landed their Ideal Property  
  • 1:05:52 – How they purchased without even seeing the property in person!! 😮  
  • 1:08:00 – “I feel like I cheated…” 
  • 1:09:14 – The Best Mindset to have when buying during a pandemic!!  
  • 1:12:20 – The #1 piece of advice for folks considering a Buyers Agent!  
  • 1:15:40 – It’s about the VALUE Buyers Agents provide folks!  
  • 1:16:43 – THIS is when you might not need a Buyers Agent… 


  • 1:18:40 – Have you heard of a Sous Vide?? (Folks this is a FANTASTIC kitchen tool!)  
  • 1:20:38 – Has rent kept up with inflation?!? Check out PIPA and PICA’s new market findings here.  
  • 1:27:11 – Are you a landlord? We want to hear from you!! Complete PICA’s 2022 Sentiment Survey here and have your thoughts heard.



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