323 | Rising From A Decade Of Addiction: The Phenomenal Property Investment Story You Have To Hear To Believe – Chat with Sam

There are stories you hear about that stay with you for the longest time. Stories of triumph, stories of heartbreak, stories of beating the odds. Personal stories so authentic and transparent that, no matter what, hit your core and you can’t forget.

This episode is THAT story. And today’s remarkable guest is Sam, a Couch Listener who is as inspiring and impactful as they come!

Seriously. This is one of the BIGGEST transformations – both the biggest financial AND life transformations – we’ve heard on the podcast, and indeed will go down as one of our favourites… ever.

Meet Sam .

Over four years ago, life was very different for Sam. For almost a decade she struggled with mental health and substance abuse… to the point where she was caught in a revolving door of psychiatric hospitalisation.

Since high school she has battled with mental health challenges, which continued for 9 years, while her struggles with illicit substances lasted for about 7 years…

Obviously, and quite understandably, you can imagine that financial matters weren’t exactly a priority. Let alone the thought of investing in property!

Fast forward to today, and Sam’s life is “we have no words” different. A PHENOMENAL turnaround you just have to hear to believe, folks!

Oh, and just FYI… Sam is a young single woman on a modest income who has never known ANY other property investors… yep, that’s ON TOP of her incredible backstory.

Just listen to it. You’ll be blown away.

We know we were.


P.S. This is the LAST EPISODE in our 2020 Summer Series… and while we’ve absolutely loved each and every one of our guests, we reckon we might’ve saved the best ‘til last.

For us, this has been the most impactful interview of all time!


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Here’s some of the stuff we talk about…

  • 02:52 — Meet Sam…
  • 03:09 — What was money like growing up?
  • 05:10 — The poem…
  • 06:04 — The incredible backstory
  • 08:11 — What triggered such massive change?
  • 11:00 — Warning signs…
  • 11:45 — Sam’s advice for people who might be going through mental health issues
  • 12:39 — How can you best help someone who is struggling?
  • 14:29 — How many mental health professionals has Sam likely worked with?
  • 16:59 — The pivot!
  • 17:41 — Wow — the foresight to do this was incredible!
  • 19:10 — The first property…
  • 21:05 — How did she rebuild her habits?
  • 21:40 — Her savings tips!
  • 22:32 — The biggest thing she’s learnt about money management
  • 23:24 — How many bank accounts did she have open?
  • 24:15 — Her money management system (and the infamous Word doc!)
  • 26:39 — How did the podcast come across her radar?
  • 27:53 — The first episode she listened to!
  • 30:45 — When you’re sceptical about professional advice…
  • 33:48 — What made her take advice?
  • 36:20 — How does it feel to have a Property Plan in place?
  • 37:44 — When’s her first investment property scheduled for?!
  • 39:33 — What if you don’t know anyone else who in invests in property?
    40:29 — What does Financial Peace look like for Sam?
  • 44:33 — Some wisdom from Sam to you…
  • 45:00 — The power of self-belief!
  • 46:23 — Mindset vs Mechanics – Which is more important?


Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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