297 | Closing The Gap: How This Indigenous Investor Is Pioneering The Way Forward – Chat with Nancia Guivarra

A little while ago, today’s guest reached out to us and said this, I’d really like you to interview an Aboriginal person (I’m one) as I think finance isn’t really our focus.”

And, just like that, the brainchild of this episode was born (Bryce is about to fill you in on how the rest unfolded…)!

Here’s the deal folks… financial literacy and its summit – financial peace – should be inclusive for everyone. So, today we’re walking you through the challenges and opportunities faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples when it comes to wealth creation. Because there’s one very special person pioneering the way forward in this space…

Meet Nancia Guivarra; once a “stranger to money”, but now a pioneer for wealth creation!!

Nancia is a Meriam (Magaram), Wuthathi and Bindal Juru woman who was born in Brisbane and raised in Gladstone, Queensland. She has more than twenty years’ experience in media production, communications, entertainment, the arts and government policy. A former journalist, Nancia worked with National Indigenous Television (NITV) and as Head of Communications for the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence in Redfern, Sydney… and she now currently runs her own freelance communications consultancy company Amneris Pty Ltd.


And, yep… Nancia’s also a property investor (she’s bought and sold 5 properties at that!)… and she’s here to improve the financial literacy of Indigenous Australians AND spread the word Why Financial Inclusion Matters…


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