290 | Why Job Security Does NOT Equal Income Security… And Why You Must Know The Difference Before the Next “X-Factor” Event Catches You Out

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it’s this… “Job Security is Everything”. But if we think about it… is it really?!

Sure, the global pandemic – the “X-factor” event – caught quite a few of us (well all of us, really) off guard… but it became quickly obvious that life was interrupted for folks at VERY diverse levels.

Cue: Income Security.

Yep, Income Security looks and feels a whole lot different than just having a job to show up to. In fact, we vouch for the fact that it is the #1 Most Important Thing to focus your energy on if you want financial peace… EVEN during the most uncertain of times. ‘Cos now that a real-world “X-Factor” event has indeed struck, folks are left in in two distinct camps – 1.) folks who can take advantage when opportunity strikes… and, 2.) folks who MUST learn from what’s just happened!!

So, today we are diving deep on how to create a Passive Income WITHOUT having to buy heaps of properties, sacrifice your weekends knocking down walls or live off two-noodles for the rest of your life (who on earth wants to do that?!)

And while we still maintain that the “Best Time to Buy” is when your cashflows allow… we’re going to let you in on the little known tip about the 2020’s that you might not know about (hint: great news if you want to invest in property 😉!)

We reckon’ this episode will help to set you up, stay the course and, ultimately, end up with that income security that’ll see you through any of life’s curveballs!


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What we cover in today’s episode:


P.S. Yeww, footy’s back!

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