109 | Do Relationships Matter In Real Estate? – Chat with Glen Coutinho, Director of RT Edgar

We are excited to announce that today’s episode is the start of our Real Estate Agent Series! Joining us to kick start this series is Glen Coutinho, Director and Senior Auctioneer for RT Edgar. With over 30 years of experience within the industry, Glen lets us in on some valuable tips to keep in mind during property auctions, how to deal with selling agents and more!

Here are some of the key topics that Bryce, Ben and Glen talk about today:

  • Glen’s professional background and how he became a Real Estate agent
  • What kind of property investor he is and his investment strategy
  • His tips on selecting an investment grade asset
  • Behavioural techniques to portray and look out for when buying at an auction
  • Rookie mistakes he sees buyers make
  • The strategy to being a good real estate agent and providing excellent customer service
  • What should you consider when engaging a selling agent
  • An insider’s peek at a life of a selling agent and what goes into the price setting process

And lots more! Make sure to tune into this episode to find out all of the gold provided today!

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