019 | Four Ways an Investor Will Pay

So we’re saying…. swimming pools are bad?!  

Building off last week’s episode on the advantages of using a Buyers Agent, we’re looking at the 4 ways an investor will pay… 

  1. Buying the wrong _____  
  2. By falling into THIS habit  
  3. By ____too much  
  4. By acquiring THIS information  

We’ll be explaining why swimming pools can mean trouble for investors…  

(Just like Bryce’s elevator situation from his first investment – listen in so you don’t make the same mistake!)  

We’ll also share personal experiences, client stories AND delve more into how the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) can help provide credible advice!  

Now, it’s up to you which way you pay (hint: we think you’ll want the fourth option), but we’re unpacking what each method will mean over the long term.   

PLUS we’re highlighting WHERE you should avoid having an ego explosion…and linking it to lessons learned in previous episodes.  

Is this the first episode you’re listening to? We recommend going back to the start and listening on 1.2x speed – we promise it’ll help you build your knowledge waaay faster!  

But if you’re up to date – congrats! Tune in now to best understand your options when buying a property!  


Also, The Property Couch is hoping to get nominated for the Investor’s Choice Award 2015 in the category: Property Educator/Mentor. We would like to spread the word on the podcast so that we can help more people avoid bad investment choices and buying the wrong asset!!

Our details for nomination below:

Name of the Organisation: The Property Couch
Name of the Person you deal with: Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley
Suburb: North Melbourne
State: VIC
Phone number: 03 9326 8900
Email address: [email protected]


Free Stuff Mentioned  


Here’s some of the gold we cover…

  • 2:02 – The four ways on investor will pay… 
  • 2:45 – #1: Buying the wrong ______  
  • 3:20 – When you’re talking about return on investment, you’re REALLY talking about… 
  • 6:47 – Why swimming pools can be bad for investors  
  • 10:37 – Two personal examples from Bryce  
  • 13:08 – Don’t be like these investors!  
  • 15:23 – #2: By falling into THIS habit   
  • 16:42 – We hear this WAY too much… 
  • 18:29 – #3: By ____ too much  
  • 19:20 – Don’t let your ego get in the way!  
  • 20:25 – #4: By acquiring THIS information   
  • 21:17 – Why you should ask for qualifications
  • 23:09 – How PIPA can help verify the professionals you’re working with 



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