Episode 019 | Four Ways an Investor will Pay

Last week on Episode 18 | What is A Buyers Agent and Do You Need One, Bryce promised that he would talk about the Four Ways an Investor will Pay. So this week, he and Ben listed them out.

The first is Buying the Wrong Asset. We’ve mentioned about this many time before; Asset Selection is crucial. It is the whole reason why you want to invest in property because it would provide you with the best returns. If you start your portfolio with the wrong asset, there is a high chance that the rest of your portfolio would be affected. But sometimes, when an investor is exposed to different opinions and when they are under pressure or assumption that they need to act now, logic tends to get out of the window. It happens to a lot people but it is not something that is unavoidable. Listen to Bryce and Ben in this podcast to learn what’s the other three ways a property investor will pay.

Also, The Property Couch is hoping to get nominated for the Investor’s Choice Award 2015 for the category: Property Educator/Mentor. We would like to spread the word out on the podcast so that we can help more people avoid making bad investment choices and avoid buying the wrong asset. So if you think we are doing a good job, please do nominate us here.

Our details for nomination:InvestorChoiceAwards

Name of the Organisation: The Property Couch
Name of the Person you deal with: Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley
Suburb: North Melbourne
State: VIC
Phone number: 03 9326 8900
Email address: info@thepropertycouch.com.au



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