18 Investment Strategies: Which One Are You Implementing?

We’re going through ALL 18 of our tried and tested investment strategies today!

And in case you’re wondering… YES!… we use these investment strategies every single day when work with our clients! Basically, each of them can be a powerful standalone strategy, but they can also be interlinked and intertwined depending on which pathway you choose.

Here’s the deal…

Our 18 strategies each fit into one of these four categories:

  • Area Strategy for Capital Growth
  • Property Selection Strategies for Capital Growth
  • Are Strategies for Yield/Income
  • Property Strategies for Yield/Income

So, in this episode we’re diving deep on each investment strategy, including…

  • Investors it’s suited to
  • Difficulty Level
  • Risk and time allocation level
  • Price point
  • Tax implications and when to buy


And here’s a sneak peak into The 18 Investment Strategies…

  1. The __ Performer
  2. __ Earth
  3. Million Dollar __
  4. __ Places, __ Faces
  5. The __ Fling
  6. The __ Rider
  7. Scarce __
  8. Ugly __
  9. The Shoulder __
  10. __ Mission
  11. __ And __
  12. __ Matters
  13. The __ Backer
  14. No __
  15. The __
  16. The Non-__
  17. The __ Up
  18. The __ And __


Listen now to get all 18 investment strategies and discover the best one for YOU! 

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Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • 18 Proven Investment Strategies to Build a Multimillion Dollar Property Portfolio
  • What and Where to Buy…
  • What should you look to purchase if you have a tight budget?
  • What property is best if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands?
  • How to tell which investment strategy is right for you
  • What are the tax implications of each strategy?
  • What strategies can you adopt if you can’t afford to buy in blue-chip areas?
  • What’s the critical difference between “city” and “city fringe” locations?
  • What if you want a more hands-on approach?
  • Where will you get the highest rents?
  • The pros and cons of subdivisions
  • Is a Granny Flat a good investment strategy?
  • What strategies will get you the highest capital growth?


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