The 5 Types of Property Investors – Which One Are You?

In this episode you’re about to discover the Five Types of property investors…

… the question is: which one are you?!

Here’s the deal… depending on your level of risk, the amount of time you have (and the amount of time you want to sacrifice), your current cashflow position and borrowing power, how long you want to be in the market AND your overall “Why” when it comes to property investing, you will fall into one of either five categories…

  1. Active Worker
  2. Active Weekend Worker
  3. Active Manager
  4. Passive Investor
  5. Pure Investor

In this episode we’re giving you a detailed rundown of each type of investor­, including the risk vs rewards, pros vs cons, et cetera, et cetera…

Plus, we’ll also be walking you through the THREE Tax Positions you can use to invest in property!

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Here’s a bit of what we cover in today’s episode…

  • The Five Types of Property Investors: Who, Why, What It Means
  • Which type requires the least amount of time?
  • What are the tactical considerations of each type of investor?
  • Is any type better than the other?
  • What is a “Speculator”?
  • How long is considered “Short”, “Medium” and “Long-term” Investing?
  • What is the difference between “Investor Considerations” and “Tactical Considerations”?
  • The Three Tax Positions You Can Use to Invest in Property?
  • Why is Negative Gearing NOT a property investment strategy?


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