Episode 014 | Should we buy in a Boom & are we in a Property Bubble?

This time on The Property Couch, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley talk about the hot topic of the month! Should we buy in a boom and are we in a property bubble? It is undeniable that there’s definitely a boom in Sydney and Melbourne is not far behind and we often received enquiries on how to buy in these two state. Well, the question should be more around is it wise to buy in these states? Bryce and Ben has spoken before about buying Counter Cyclical and this time they explain further why they don’t think it is good to join the bandwagon of investors and home buyers in these areas.

Bryce and Ben will be discussing about the new changes implemented by APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) as well. This is especially crucial for investors that have done a pre-approval. The final topic discussed today is whether Australia is in a Property Bubble. A great analogy by our hosts is we are not in a bubble, perhaps more like a balloon. Interested to know what they meant? Listen to this podcast to learn more.


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