070 | Q&A – Buying a property with another person, security guarantee and rentvesting in Gold Coast

Back to back Questions and Answers episode! We’ve had a great time yesterday on our Facebook Live and hence we thought we should answer some of our other listeners’ questions. This week, Bryce and Ben looks at the questions below. Thanks again for submitting your questions!:


  • Question on entering the property market from Glenn: I have 2 daughters in their early 20’s. What advice can you give them on the best way to enter the property market? Thanks
  • Question on buying a property with another person from Stevie: I am interesting in the issues associated with buying property with another person. For example, I currently own two houses (bought years ago) with my brother as investments and I now want to buy another within to live in (as I can’t get a loan with just my salary and want to use the equity in the houses in lieu of deposit). This will then restrict my brother’s borrowing capacity to buy a property to live in if he wants to do so in a year or so, and we are at a bit of a (friendly) stalemate with what to do about it – buy another or not.
  • Question on Buying a property with another person from Michael: Hey guys – just wanted to say I’m loving the podcast. Found it about a week ago, have listened to hours of content in a short amount of time. Such a great resource. Has been good to hear that a lot of my ideas and research is being validated in what you’re saying, but has also given me some other things to think about. I’m about to buy my first property in partnership with my cousin, am making an offer today on a great find that’s too good to pass up. 15km north west of the Melbourne CBD. $150k under median price in the area. Quick sale needed as the vendor needs finance asap. Just wondering, what would be a bad figure in terms of rental yield and annual growth? And then I guess what would be the better figures to see? Thanks again for such a great learning tool.
  • Question on rentvesting from Samuel: I am very open to the idea of Rentvesting, however I am torn between Rentvesting or purchasing a Principle Place of Residence, of which I would live in for 12 months and then be rent out for 6 years (thus avoiding CGT), plus rent out the other room/s whilst living in the property. I would love to hear both your thoughts on this one given the current market conditions and also the Gold Coast Suns performance this year.


Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:

  • Episode 54 | Entry into the property investment market, debt reduction and investing in house and land packages – Listen here
  • Episode 59 | Rentvesting: What is it and who is it for? – Listen here
  • Facebook Q&A Replay Video – Watch here


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