066 | Winter is coming and the air will be colder up high

Well, technically winter is already here. However, we will be talking about the Property Market in this episode and for all of you who are a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ve guessed it right. It’s not going to be a good news story.

Now, you’ve heard us talking about the danger of high-density developments before but this time, we are hoping to solidify our message by sharing some numbers with you. It is not a secret that we’ve seen a whole lot more of high to medium density apartments coming into the market in the last 24 months and a lot more will be completing in the next 18 months. Below is the table that Bryce and Ben were talking about in the podcast.


Capital city # of Unit Sales Average Annual unit sales past 5 years Total New Units next 12 mths Total New Units next 24 mths
Sydney 34,216 43,442 34,300 81,696
Melbourne 28,506 30,781 29,541 80,503
Brisbane 15,880 14,932 16,652 44,511
Adelaide 6,988 6,195 2,581 6,002
Perth 5,331 6,834 7,031 13,797
Hobart 1,026 1,005 201 442
Darwin 864 1,026 985 1,256
Canberra 3,384 3,929 811 2,922
Combined 96,195 108,144 92,102 231,129

* This data is an extract from CoreLogic’s article dated 16 May 2016 called ‘Record high unit construction increases settlement risk’. To read CoreLogic’s commentary, please click here.

So how will this affect the Australian Property Market and its existing properties? Will there be a significant market correction and if so, should buyers stay off until this happens? Bryce and Ben will also be answering a question from Vlad:

John Symond on 3AW predicted a 10-20% fall in property prices if Labour’s policy on negative gearing were to be implemented. Given the uncertainty, is it prudent to wait until after the election to make decisions about investing in property and to see, should labour win, what their sledgehammer will do to the market?


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