065 | Q&A – How will technology impacts the property market, investing in strata properties and more

Today’s episode starts with a recap on the AREC16 Conference (ps: Bryce refused to talk about AFL). Bryce and Ben also discussed about the possible impact of technology to the property market for example, what would happen if we don’t need to drive a car in the future anymore? Would car spots still be a considerations in asset selection?

They then moved on to answering a couple of the listeners’ questions below. Thanks again for submitting your questions!:


  • Asset selection question from James: Love the podcast! Just wondering if there’s a big difference between investing in a 2 bedroom house or a 3 bedroom house. Everyone is telling me ‘the more bedrooms the better’ however others have told me that for an investment it doesn’t matter. Thanks!
  • Next step question from Mat: My wife and I are on the move from Newcastle (Whitebridge) to Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid north coast. Our house in Whitebridge is our first home which we purchased in 2011 for 365k and is currectly valued at 490k. Ideally we would like to keep our house in Whitebridge as an investment property and look to buy in Coffs Harbour. The rental return will be $420 which comfortably covers the mortgage at interest only. I see the house as being a good investment grade property and ticks the boxes that you both talk about in the podcasts. What should we do?
  • Question on strata properties from Sarah: I’ve got a question about strata properties. We have two townhouses, one is in a smaller complex with 8 townhouses & the levies are reasonable, there is rarely any issues with maintenance etc. The other one (our first purchase!!) is in a complex with 30 townhouses/units, the units have lift access/underground parking & we’re paying about $985 a quarter in levies.We are constantly getting correspondence from the strata company with owners having maintenance issues, leaking toilets/tiles, graffiti removal, underground car park issues…. We’ve committed the property, it will give good growth & should be neutrally geared in the years to come (held for2yrs to date) so selling is out of the equation.Would love to hear your thoughts on strata, when is it a good idea, when is it a bad idea. Should I be religiously sending back votes for meetings etc? When I read the strata documents that require owners response, it’s all dutch to me, can you explain how to respond to things I can vote on & making sense of the minutes etc. Thanks guys, appreciate any advice you can give on strata.
  • Question on timing the market from Leighton: I’d love to hear Bryce and Ben’s thoughts on the property cycle and the part that it plays in investment decisions and how the cycle ties in with “timing the market”. It seems that different parts of the country operate in different phases of the cycle.


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