498 | Chris Kohler: The Rise of the Cashless Society, Crypto & The Surprising Truth About Home Buying


In today’s episode, we sit down with Chris Kohler, 9News’ business, finance, and property reporter! 🎙️📈  Chris covers the macroeconomic forces shaping Australia’s markets daily and has garnered a growing audience of 43K followers on TikTok, where he combines humour with financial education.    

In this episode, we delve into Chris’ personal story—from growing up with Alan Kohler to buying his first shares and the investing lessons he learned along the way. 

  We also discuss: 

  • How he carved his own path in financial journalism ✍️ 
  • His thoughts on the rise of the cashless society 💳 
  • His experiences searching for a family home in a hot market like Victoria 🏠 

This episode offers valuable market insights from one of the sharpest minds in finance, business, and property. Tune in now! 


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    • NSW’s No-Grounds Evictions:  
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    • Victoria’s changes to minimum standards:  



  • 0:00 – Chris Kohler: The Rise of the Cashless Society, Crypto & The Surprising Truth About Home Buying 
  • 1:17 – PICA webinar: An Introduction to Wealth Creation 
  • 3:08 – Mindset Minute: It’s ALL risky!  
  • 5:17 – Welcome, Chris Kohler!  
  • 6:16 – #1 most surprising thing Chris has learned about Aussies and their properties  
  • 10:28 – The impact of this year’s spending budget 
  • 11:54 – Money Story: Growing up with Alan Kohler 
  • 14:27 – First jobs & investments   
  • 18:27 – The rise of a cashless society 
  • 19:45 – “It was one step in front of the other”: Pursuing the same career as his dad  
  • 24:07 – Why you should look at the ASX!  
  • 28:03 – Your Domain & Chris’ property portfolio   
  • 30:44 – Investing philosophies around cryptocurrency 
  • 33:56 – Life dictates property: Navigating owner occupier appeal and timing markets 
  • 39:27 – Chris’ investing advice:“Get it out of your head” 
  • 43:56 – The best economy for growing competition 
  • 45:57 – Unpacking the growth of his social media presence 
  • 48:17 – What investors should be thinking about when seeking financial advice!  




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