Episode 408 | Is It Time To Sell Up?!

To sell, or not to sell, that is the question being asked by Queensland’s property investors.   

We’re back with yet another gigantic Q&A, involving one of the most contested issues in Australia’s property market: Queensland’s New Land Tax.    

And as Jean, one of our listeners asks, “Is it time to sell up?!”    

We’ll be revealing the realistic options that property investors have and as Bryce says, how to defeat “the monsters under the bed” when it comes to scary situations like this.   

Plus, we’re diving into where all this money created by higher rates is going, (Who actually benefits from it?!)   

And we balance out these topical questions with some evergreen challenges faced by investors like…  

How to keep investing when your income unexpectedly halves – like going on Maternity leave – and how to break free from the prison of cross-collateralisation (aka. Cross securitisation)!   

 There’s tons of new and old wisdom for you today folks, tune in now!!   



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Questions We Answer…

Q1 Jim on Interest Rates – where does the extra money go?  

Good day Bryce and Ben and Ivise, 

How are you? 

My questions is around interest rates going up and what happens to the extra money that’s collected from mortgage payments?
Do the banks get their cash from the RBA?
If so, where does that extra money actually go? 

I understand that some money can come from offshore. The banks getting the (inaudible) to extra cash. The difference between from what they can source their money atand what they’re charging in interest rates? 

It’s good to know what happens there.
Keep up the good work.
Love the podcast.


Q2 Bec Muser on What to do now we’re on Maternity Leave? 

Hi guys. 

Hoping you could talk about maternity leave. 

I have only recently started listening to your podcast and I think about 5 new episodes a day and 78 previous episodes deep. We had a baby pre-term so I’ve been dropping to and from hospitals and you guys have been keeping me sane. 

Our pre-term baby mean that our maternity leave situation started 15weeks earlier than we had planned. While that has not financially impacted us in terms of lives management, it has put a big bump in the road for our property investment goals. 

We have 1 investment property where we successfully access 225k worth of equity from that property and have that in the bank all done in Sydney.  We also have 75k worth of savings on top of that the 300k in the bank ready to go but I’m now on half pay maternity leave for the next 6months. We’re just wondering what’s the best course of action is now in terms of do we sit and wait or is there something that we should be doing even though we’re on maternity leave. 

Thanks guys. 

Q3 Mel on Cross Collateralised Properties 

Hi guys, it Mel here.

Big fan. I’ve listened to all of your episodes. My dad and I even purchased your educational series and listened to all them. We even bought an investment property together so thank you for that.

On my own property journey, I have my principal place of residence which is an apartment in Sydney and have recently just purchased another apartment.

As you guys have said sometimes the bank don’t cross collateral without telling you and that’s exactly what happened. So going back I’ve re-listened  to your episodes to educated myself again so we need a gold nuggets in there to listen to and I’m going to my bank to have a discussion and because of the particular way I had set up is to defend space, I am a member of the army, I actually couldn’t take the equity out of it and cross collateralisation was the only way to buy the 2nd investment property on my own portfolio.

So my option now is either to save up to deposit and go ahead and buy another property and do it the proper way where I’m not cross collateralising or I can try and uncross them now with a savvy mortgage broker as you say or option 3 is to is to save up if this is even an option. 

My question is can I leave 2 properties crossed collateralised on the 2nd property, take out the equity, liquidised it and then get another property? Or once you start the cross collateralisation, is that it?

Any advice you can give would be great.

Do I uncross now?

Q4 Jean on  QLD land tax – should we sell up? 

Hi I’m an investor in NSW and my name is Jean.

Given the news out in Queensland, is it time for all investors to sell out their properties in Queensland and get out because it is really unfair to us that we also have to pay taxes for our properties outside of  Queensland?

Thank you.


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The gold you’ll hear today! (Minus Ben 😉)  
  • 1:11 – Guess who’s benched… 
  • 5:20 – You can get “good enough” at almost anything in 20 hours… 
  • 7:16 – Ben’s Bonus Life Hack!  
  • 8:42 – Q1) Interest Rates – where does the extra money go? 
  • 9:56 – How do banks source their money?  
  • 13:13 – And how banks pay back this borrowed money!  
  • 16:00 – A quick history of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)!!  
  • 16:54 – What does the RBA do?  
  • 17:55 – Don’t be fooled folks, THIS is the biggest commodity in the world!  
  • 19:33 – Q2 What to do now we’re on Maternity Leave? 
  • 21:22 – You only need these 3 things when buying an investment property… 
  • 23:25 – THIS is why you need a letter from your employer 
  • 24:29 – These are the things that lenders will inspect!  
  • 26:55 – Folks, make sure you get tax advice…  
  • 27:45 – What we’d recommend!  
  • 28:28 – Psss…we forgot to say – Leave us a question and get this for free!  
  • 29:17 – Q3) Cross Collateralised Properties 
  • 31:29 – Is it really terminal!?! 
  • 31:47 – This is how they could release equity… 
  • 33:30 – Why we encourage UN-CROSSING Cross Securitisation!  
  • 34:36 – How an investment-savvy mortgage can help…(And if you’re looking for one, why not try our mortgage brokers! Book a free, no-obligation here)  
  • 38:32 – Joint liability: What is the best way to manage it?  
  • 40:25 – Q4) QLD land tax – should we sell up? 
  • 41:07 – The scariest part about this question…. 
  • 42:21 – The Gov is refusing to release its modelling?!  
  • 43:40 – The Bigger Issue 
  • 44:16 – The Crazy 1985 Negative Gearing Mistake  
  • 45:01 – NSW’s 2005/06 Stamp Duty  
  • 46:03 – The options folks have  
  • 48:10 – Why are we seeing rising rents across Australia?! (What State Govs should be doing…)  
  • 50:05 – Our Answer!  
  • 52:45 – How to get rid of the monster under the bed!  
  • 54:25 – Here’s to THESE investors…  
  • 56:20 – Why do we have this confidence?? 




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