161 | How to Buy Property Like a Pro – Chat with Veronica Morgan

Want to know how to bag an A-grade asset? How about scoring inside tips Buyers Agents use? If you’re keen to buy property like a pro, today’s episode is for you!

That’s right, folks! We’re getting down to the nitty gritty of buying…how to nail an auction sale, how not to overspend (very important) and how to think like you’ve been in the game for decades.

Plus, we’re diving into the Sydney property market, picking up some sunken treasures so you can discover the latest, greatest and mistakes to avoid!

Joining us is Veronica Morgan — you might recognise her from Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel, Location Location Location Australia in the days of co-hosting with Bryce — and who is the Founder and Principal of Good Deeds Property Buyers, a property buying service specialising in the Sydney market.

To boot, Veronica is also a QPIA, property investor, keynote speaker, industry writer and a repeat guest on the Couch!

So, let’s get take a microscopic view of what a reputed Buyers Agent sees (and does) every single day:

Want to hear more from Veronica? Check out Episode 76 | Building a property portfolio after the boom!

Also, make sure you check out our Facebook Live sessions! They’re Q&A style & only 15 minutes folks!!


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