RBA September 2019 – Is the Australian Economy REALLY that bad?

Businesses cut back as weak economy puts pressure on profits. Australia managed to survive the global recession – but all that good work has been wasted. The worst surplus ever: ‘Obsession’ rocking the Australian economy.

These are just some of the headlines when you search for “Australian Economy” on Google. Is it really that bad? Are we really going towards a rocky time? What does the fresh data telling us?

That’s what Ben will be explaining in today’s RBA commentary folks! Apart from that, he’ll also be covering a variety of topics such as:

  • What’s happening with the US-China Trade Deal and what’s President Trump is hoping for?
  • Are there anything else happening around the world that has a direct impact on Australia?
  • Is the Australian Economy as bad as the media is saying it is?
  • What’s the main focus for the RBA at the moment?
  • How’s business confidence now that more post-election data is available?
  • And more!

Now, let’s dive into RBA September 2019 Cash Rate Announcement!


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