RBA Dec 2018 Announcement – Stock Market Corrections

It’s the first Tuesday of the month Ben… which means the RBA Board has met and announced the official cash rate!

Ben’s update today focuses on not only the cash rate, but on the biggest story of the last six weeks as well… the stock market corrections!

Plus, Ben explains why Scott Morrison’s latest announcement signals the timing of the upcoming election, and how this will impact the economy moving forward.

So… for the last Cash Rate announcement of 2018, what will be RBA’s decision on the cash rate?

Most namely the biggest story of the last six weeks, and certainly into November, has been the stock market corrections that we’ve seen around the globe on the fears of a slowing global economy. You can also factor in the spike that the US economy had and the US share market had through the lower tax rates introduced by Donald Trump. So we’ve got that as a backdrop, but also the share market has also lost confidence because of the trade wars that are going on.

Interestingly, over the weekend China and the US met and they’ve put a truce in place — well, it’s short term so it might be a false dawn, but we have a truce in place — which means the US aren’t going to increase their tariff percentages and China has promised to buy a significant amount of US goods.

What has that meant? Well, we’ve definitely seen the stock market have a very, very good couple of days and that’s potentially put some confidence back into the broader stock market, and hopefully the broader economies around the world. But it is short term; we need to get through this Christmas period, which is going to see some significant changes.

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