iTunes Top 200 Episode Ranking | Dec 2018

If you haven’t noticed all the excitement around the podcast and on our socials yet… We’ll be happy to repeat it all over again. 🙂

We’ve just hit our 200th Episode!

But that’s not the best part…


Ben was running around high-fiving almost everyone in the office when Paul agreed to come on. As a property, finance and money management podcast, we couldn’t ask for more,
So here’s our Top Episode ranking for December 2018. Hope you like them.


Rank 4: Episode 200 | Paul Clitheroe – Timeless Wisdom from the Original “Money” Guru

Rank 33: Episode 199 | Q & A – Future Proofing your Portfolio in a Changing Market

Rank 78: Episode 197 | Our Embarrassing True Stories: What Was Money Like in Our Own Lives?

Rank 103: Episode 198 | Nine Ways to Navigate the Credit Crunch

Rank 108: Episode 191 | Seven Steps to Make Money Simple Again

Rank 119: Episode 195 | Property Bubble or Property Balloon?

Rank 146: Episode 004 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Borrowing Power

Rank 152: Episode 001 | We Fix Bad Property Investment Advice

Rank 154: Episode 003 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Cash Flow Management

Rank 171: Episode 037 | Understanding the Scarcity factor in Property Investment


We’re just putting it out there now that the chat with Paul did go a little longer than usual. But it’s worth every single minute of it!
Don’t believe us? Here’s one of the best tip he shared in the episode!:

Tune in today to Paul Clitheroe – Timeless Wisdom from the Original “Money” Guru


And of course, if you got a question on Property, Finance and Money Management? Just write them in below and we’ll answer them on the podcast! Or you can also let us know on SpeakPipe!




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