Welcome folks! You’ve probably heard us talking about the Four Pillars of Mastery very often on the podcast.

But what is it?

Our Four Pillars of Mastery is basically our ABCD Formula which stands for:

  • Asset Selection
  • Borrowing Power
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Defence


It’s one of our Top 5 Frameworks for Property Investors and if you’re keen to find out what other key frameworks are there, just click here to download our free report.

Considering the importance of this framework, we’ve done an episode to unpack each one of them and you can find all of them below. You might noticed that our podcast episode did not start with “A” which is Asset Selection. That’s because, in reality, it really starts at Cash Flow Management. If you want to invest in anything, be it property or shares, you need to have a strong understanding of your cash flow position. If you don’t, then investing might not be the option for you. You’ll hear us unpack more of this in the episodes below:

And of course, we’ve also covered this in our later episodes. If you’re keen to find out which episodes to check out, fill in your details and download our BingeGuide below! We’ll email it to you right away.

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