67 | Property valuation process and the journey of a property investor – Chat with Kieran Clair

We have a guest on the show today! Kieran Clair, Editor of Australian Property Investor Magazine joined Bryce and Ben to talk about his role in the media and publication industry specialising in property investing. Prior to journalism, Kieran was an experienced property valuer and has more than 20 years of experience valuing properties for owner occupiers and property investors. So for today’s show, the three of them will be discussing:

  • Kieran’s experience as an investor and what motivated him to build his portfolio
  • The mistakes, lessons and investing tips he learned as an investor
  • His role as the editor of API Magazine
  • How the property valuation industry has changed over the years
  • What’s the property valuation process like
  • The types of properties that tend to be valued at below market price
  • Factors and considerations that would affect a property’s value from a valuer’s point of view


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PS: You may have noticed that the audio quality for today’s podcast is not as clear as it usually is. We experienced a few technical difficulties while recording and we do apologise for this hiccup.


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