499 | Why Choose an Investment Savvy Broker? – Chat with Brad Fraser


To give you an inside look at the real workings of mortgage broking, we’ve brought in an incredible broker from our investment savvy team…  

Please welcome Brad Fraser! 🙌  

We’re delving deep into the heart of this industry with two compelling real-life scenarios:     

🏡 First homebuyers: This young couple doesn’t want to compromise on their dream home yet are limited in borrowing capacity. How do we solve this with no net loss?   

💼 Aspiring Property investor: A young investor wants to buy his first investment property. Why did we initially say no, and how do we solve this problem amidst rising rates?   

Plus, we unpack Brad’s money story, which follows him as he pivots from spending it all to becoming the financial guru he is today.   

It’s an episode highlighting the importance of using an investment savvy broker who takes a holistic approach to your investment journey. Tune in now! 😊   


P.S. It’s our 500th episode next week! 🎉 Tune in for an exclusive guest appearance by a world-renowned sports psychologist and get the chance to win his $499 course for free.  Be among the first to know when it goes live 👉 https://bit.ly/3Xzvots 


Free Stuff Mentioned

  • This is the last week to help property investors across Australia:  
    • NSW’s No-Grounds Evictions:
      • Action 1 – Complete the consumer survey against the No Grounds Termination of Residential Tenancy Agreements  
      • Action 2 – Complete PICA’s Survey on why would you evict a tenant  
    • Victoria’s changes to minimum standards:   



  • 0:00 – Why Choose an Investment Savvy Broker?    
  • 2:15 – PICA webinar replay & have your say in legislative changes  
  • 3:51 – Mindset Minute: “Courage is not the absence of FEAR, but the triumph over it…” 
  • 4:46 – Welcome, Brad! 
  • 5:20 – Money Story: From scarcity mindsets to surf brands  
  • 11:58 – His life-changing shock at 18 years old  
  • 16:44 – Stepping stones to becoming a better saver  
  • 18:48 – The power of shared goals  
  • 19:46 – “How does money work?”  
  • 20:55 – What does the investment-savvy broker look like?  
  • 23:43 – Holistic Views vs. Product Selection  
  • 27:07 – Case Study #1: First Homebuyers   
  • 29:01 – The Problem: Reserved debts, smaller deposits & disappointments  
  • 33:55 – How we increased their borrowing capacity 
  • 37:24 – The genius behind Brad’s plan: No net loss?!  
  • 40:15 – Why it’s also about educating the client 
  • 41:05 – We didn’t use third-tier lenders; this is why. 
  • 43:04 – Case Study #2: Aspiring Property Investor  
  • 45:55 – The Problem: It wasn’t the right time to buy a property?  
  • 49:15 – Rising rates & the role of Buyers Agents 
  • 52:07 – The first lender isn’t your forever lender! 
  • 56:38 Why does Brad do mortgage broking?  
  • 57:16 – Ben’s meaningful moment in his broking career  
  • 59:19 – Book a free initial consultation with our team of investment savvy brokers!  


  • 59:44 – Lifehack: Turn your phone into a Nokia 3315!  
  • 1:01:52 – WMPN: NSW Gov increases taxes for property investors and RBA correction 
  • 1:04:05 – 500th episode next week! 😮  



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