396 | From Public Housing to a $180K Passive Income Per Year: The Power of Planning – Chat with Kim

As Australia descends into winter, what better way to celebrate the chill than by kicking off our 2022 Winter Series?!  

In this special edition series, we’ll be deep-diving into some of our listener’s personal stories, going behind the scenes to share their challenges and triumphs and exploring how they’re successfully investing in property thanks to the power of planning. 

We’ve got a very special lineup of guests, all with very different money stories but all with 1 thing in common… 

They’ve each faced and overcome life’s difficulties and “planned to become, what they planned to become”! Basically, we’re uncovering…how folks are creating long-term plans WITH short-term variations! 

To open our Winter Series, we’ve got a guest with a real “rags to riches” story – beginning as a refugee in the UK… 



“We were placed in social housing to begin with in a rough neighbourhood with high crime rates. It was not the kind of place you’d say hi to your neighbours. You’d just keep to yourself.”  

Ever since she was young, today’s guest was exposed to the importance of money.  

Relocating as a refugee from Vietnam, Kim watched her parents start from scratch, working odd jobs to save money, raising a family and eventually buying their own business.  

Did that mean she was wise when she got her first pay packet?

Definitely not!   

So how did she evolve from her splurging years to owning 2 investment properties with her partner, well on her way to achieving a $180K per year passive income?!  

This one’s a must-listen folks – Kim is articulate, funny and relatable as she recounts journeying to Australia with no job lined up, her initial wacky investing ideas and how long-term planning has helped her to find financial success. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us Kim – we’re honoured to be opening our first Winter Series with you!! 





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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:40 – Welcome to the Winter Series folks!  
  • 2:05 – PSA: Our upcoming Webinar details AND the #3 biggest investing secrets we’ll be sharing in it!
  • 4:35 – What was Kim’s money story growing up as a refugee in the UK?  
  • 8:52 – The Splurging Saga  
  • 9:40 – Kim’s family business: How did they build wealth?  
  • 11:30 – What changed Kim’s mindset + ingrained views around debt  
  • 12:55 – What it was like growing up in a rough neighbourhood 
  • 14:17 – What sparked Kim’s interest in wealth-building?  
  • 16:50 – Rocking up to Australia: 1-year VISA & no job in place…  
  • 19:49 – “Within 8 minutes our hearts were crushed over and over again…”  
  • 22:11 – How they got their first investment property!  
  • 24:45 – Juggling job security and an investment property during COVID  
  • 26:30 – The 2nd investment property: Not what they thought?!  
  • 27:50 – The wacky ideas they had before coming to their advisor… 
  • 29:54 – How this couple found their sweet spot in debt levels  
  • 32:15 – Why having a plan on paper is so important  
  • 33:43 – What simulations did we run for them?  
  • 34:43 – How is a roadmap helping Kim & Arnie? 
  • 36:18 – What is their plan? (Wow – partially retiring at 45?!) 
  • 38:45 – Set to buy in 2030: What is the value of planning long-term?  
  • 41:15 – Kim on the biggest benefits of having a plan 
  • 43:10 – Why did they decide on a $3k weekly passive income goal? ($180K per year!!)  
  • 45:23 – Why having debt at retirement is…ok?!  
  • 48:00 – What’s internal financial transformation did Kim undergo?  
  • 49:20 – Kim’s advice to listeners… 
  • 51:40 – Our key takeaways!  



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