236 | Revealed: Why Off The Plan Properties Almost Derailed a Property Portfolio

Want to hear from a guest listener who was Snagged by Spruikers and Bought Off The Plan? ….. AND STILL somehow managed to turn their property portfolio around??

Yep, it’s an Epic story, folks! And today’s guest, Danson Kwok, sure has HEAPS of tips & tricks — incl. how to maintain a solid mindset even through dark times — to share with you!!

‘Cos his substantial multi-million dollar property portfolio has now been tweaked and steered back on track through the sale of certain properties and learning the true art of manufacturing equity!!!

So. What triggered all this? AND how did Danson and his wife maintain their belief in property to get to where they are today?

… Let’s find out!!


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… Back to today’s show!!! What are you in for??

  • How did they begin their investing journey?
  • How did he get his advice when he was living in Singapore and investing in Australia and New Zealand?
  • How is Singapore real estate different?
  • What were the types of properties that DIDN’T go well??
  • How many Off the Plan purchases had Danson and his wife purchased?
  • What was that first property?
  • Did they come with a rental guarantee? Why?
  • How do these Spruiker expos work? How much was their commission?
  • When did he find out his off the plan properties were duds?
  • What was the reality of Off the Plan pain?
  • Did these properties cause problems with bank valuations?
  • How did he get his finance when he was overseas??
  • How do offshore banks work?
  • How many properties did they keep in their portfolio once they moved to Australia?
  • How did he continue to take action even though he made mistakes?
  • Is he still buying properties?
  • How’d he ride the credit crunch?
  • How can you manufacture equity?
  • What are the 5 ways to manufacture equity? Who is it for?
  • Is renovation like any of the Reality TV shows?
  • What was his journey with subdivision like?
  • Is there a Rule of Thumb for strata properties?
  • How much does it cost to turn one lot into 2 lots?
  • What should you keep in mind with subdivisions?
  • What happened when they were on the end of a fake invoice?
  • How much was at stake? Did they get their money back?
  • Final words of advice!

Make sure you tune in today!

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