121 (Part 1) | Does The Guy With The Most Money Always Win At Auction? – Chat with Damien Cooley

We’re pretty chuffed to announce that Damien Cooley, one of Australia’s most respected auctioneers and the face of Cooley Auctions, has landed a spot on the couch! For those not in the know: Damien holds the Australian record for the highest sale of a single dwelling home sold at auction—no easy feat at $23 Million—and is the most booked auctioneer on The Block, having appeared on the show nine times.

In fact, we were SO chuffed to have Damien on the couch that Bryce and Ben just didn’t want him to leave. There are golden auction tips pouring out like a long string of confetti in this one guys! (Damien was almost late to the set of The Block, he was so pumped to give you all his insight!)

So here is Part One, people.

Unpacking his property prowess with us, Damien reveals the importance of keeping lists, debunk some auction myths and explains why he’s more than just “The Guy in the Orange Tie on The Block”.

Together, he and the boys will cover:

  • How jotting your dreams on paper will write tomorrow’s reality
  • How he left high school to become one of the best auctioneers in the country
  • How Damien managed to score that impressive $23 million auction record (Hint: it has something to do with $50,000)
  • How to work out if an external auctioneer is right for you

This one’s a big one guys! The take home (out of the many):

If you go to work on your plan, your plan will work for you.


Disclaimer: But this is in Part 1 only … just wait until you hit PART 2 (!)


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