017 | Who’s Your Personal Banker?

TPC Ep 17 - Tips

Did you know that to be a great property investor you need to be great in finance?  

This means you need to understand how to access money, and most importantly, understand how to use leverage. 

Yep that’s right!

And to better understand this concept, we’re drilling down into the Borrowing Power pillar (found in our Four Pillars of Mastery framework).

In theory, investors are supposed to be thinking two properties or loans in advance, whilst setting up their current property.  

Of course, the reason we said in theory is because most investors simply don’t know how to achieve this as they lack the knowledge and experience.   

So, what happens?  

Well, unfortunately, they go to the bank hoping that the bank or lender will sort it out for them, but what folks forget is…the banker works for the bank!  

Bankers typically don’t have the capacity to conduct a thorough analysis of all investors’ loan strategies and structures. It’s kinda like going to the GP and asking them to perform knee surgery (not safe or practical!)  

That’s why in today’s episode we’re discussing how to maximise your leverage, the difference between cross-securitisation and stand alone lending (hint: you should definitely be avoiding one of these), and why you should choose a specialist over a generalist EVERY SINGLE TIME.  

We’re also looking at the strategy and structure behind good lending and who your personal banker should be!   

Tune in now folks 😊  


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Here’s some of the gold we cover…

  • 3:30 – Why property is all about finance!  
  • 4:33 – Why and how Ben started Empower Wealth
  • 7:44 – Great lending is based on _____ and ______  
  • 9:05 – The motto for using Lenders Mortgage Insurance… 
  • 9:50 – Why “drilling the dream down into a goal” is so important  
  • 13:30 – The types of plans we build  
  • 14:30 – Cross-collateralisation vs. standalone lending  
  • 16:10 – Examples of both 
  • 17:53 – Who is the Personal Banker?  
  • 18:35 – Specialist NOT a generalist folks!  
  • 20:05 – What your mortgage broker should look like  
  • 23:00 – What you can achieve if you get this right!  
  • 24:30 – Check out this free report on 7 Common Mistakes When Selecting a Loan  



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