Bonusisode: COVID-19 & Share Market Analysis

If you’ve seen the headlines recently, you would notice these:

ASX finishes worst week in more than 11 years

Dow drops more than 900 points, ending worst week since 2008

And then yesterday night, for those who’re active with the share market news, you’d probably notice this:

Dow future surge 900 points — hit ‘limit up’ — on optimism a coronavirus rescue bill is close

Japan stocks jump 7% as Fed ramps up stimulus measures

It’s not a surprise to anyone how volatile the share market is and especially so in uncertain times like this.

Shares are a fascinating investment class and people asked us about it all the time. Usually, the questions are always around Property vs. Shares and we would say, it depends on your risk appetite. There’s no right or wrong and you don’t have to choose either one. Your portfolio can be a combination of both property and share.


But this time, people asked us a slightly different question…

COVID-19 and Share Market.

We totally get it. Because to be honest, we’re very interested in it too. 😉

But we’re not an expert in this area and that is why, Ben recorded a chat with our Chief Investment Officer, Michael Savy on COVID-19 & his Share Market Analysis. With more than 20 years of experience in the financial planning and banking industry, he’s also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), an SMSF Specialist Adviser (SSA) with the SMSF Association and a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia.

So yes, he’s an expert. And we thought you might find this discussion insightful.

Enjoy the bonusisode folks!


Here’s What We Cover…

  • What’s really causing this unrest in the share market and what’s the trendline telling us?
  • Why should we look at China as a case study in predicting the share market response on COVID-19?
  • Do global share markets really care about a vaccine and why is Shanghai Stock Exchange showing signs of recovery already?
  • Why daily coal consumption and freight logistics had anything to do with China’s recovery?
  • How will this help in predicting the rest of the world’s market response and eventual recovery?
  • and lots more


You can see the Charts here…


Additional Helpful Resources on COVID-19

National Update: Click here

State Update:


And One Final Word…

If you’re worried about your finances or if you have no clarity on your cash flow position, we strongly recommend you to organise your finances now. It’s more important than ever to have a clear view, down to the exact cent, on how much you’re spending each month and how much surplus you’ve got. If you don’t know it, then log in to your Money SMARTS Platform here and update the numbers.

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