David List

In the first ever episode of the New Year, we’re chatting to our very own listener David List who, after discovering The Property Couch back in 2017, has gone on to seriously change the game for himself and his young family!

How?? Well, let’s just say he has taken Money SMARTS to a new level! Going so far as to combine it with a money app to track EVERY single expense during 2017-2018 in order to prove to his wife Lisa that this system worked. Which, we’ve gotta admit, is pretty impressive considering Lisa was the one who handled the finances in the family… and was pretty thrifty with money to begin with!

So. The results are in. The question is…. Where are David and Lisa at now???
Oh, and why has the money transformation trickled over into every other aspect of their life?

Tune in now to find out more.





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