113 | Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work! – Chat with Chris Helder

Another exciting episode of the podcast this week! Joining Bryce and Ben on the couch is a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Public Speaker, and author of The Ultimate Book of Influence and Useful Belief, Chris Helder. After moving to Melbourne 21 years ago from the USA, Chris has become one of Australia’s leading keynote speakers who explains mastering the power of the mindset. With this in mind, Bryce, Ben and Chris provide some absolute gold nuggets in this episode by discussing some of the following areas:

  • Chris’ professional background and what led him to Australia
  • His book, Useful Belief and how effective this concept is
  • How to apply the concept of Useful Belief in the current property market
  • Does an ideal week really works and a more efficient time management skill
  • The idea of ‘10 Seconds of Guilt then move on’
  • How to filter the distraction and noises out there
  • Mastering and owning your own story
  • Understanding perfection and not letting it take over
  • What we need to do to take action and stop avoiding what we need to do
  • Seven ways to successfully implement Useful Belief

Make sure you tune into this episode to find out the above and more. An advice packed episode not to be missed! And if you would like to get a copy of his book, Useful Belief, get a copy here!

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