Best Business Podcast – Episode Ranking | June 2021

June started with lockdown after lockdowns… Surely, the strain of uncertainty could come creeping in every once in a while as everything we do and everything around us seems almost at a standstill if not tugging us. Still, Australia’s housing market generally stays resilient with Home value gaining a stronger lift in May. June’s growth conditions is looking favorable too.

June, after the Roman goddess Juno – the god of marriage and childbirth… we may say… is a good month for new beginnings!


🎥 Here are the Episodes that trended in iTunes


🎥 June Episodes

June 1 : RBA June 2021 : Inflation Risk – How bad is it?

Ben gives another update on the Reserve Bank of Australia’s cash rate, sheds light on Inflation risk and looks into the overall Economic Outlook in United States, China, Japan and Europe. Talks about the latest business conditions, 2021’s Federal Budget and much more!


June 3, 2021: Episode 341 | How To Pivot Your Investment Strategy When Affordability Changes

What will you do if property prices keep going up and you can no longer afford an investment-grade property? This episode talks about what would your investment strategy be when affordability changes.

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👉 SRP – Location Research Tools


June 10, 2021Episode 342 | From $250K to $2M Properties: How To Invest No Matter What Your Budget Is!

How to invest whatever your budget is, your age is, or whatever your strategy is …  Ben & Bryce also talked about the Donut Ring Concept, how to sell an investment to buy a PPOR  and why Rentvesting is a better idea. Plus, the 7 ways to help your kids get on the property ladder sooner!

👉 New ATO Data – Interest In Rental Property!

👉 Ben’s Video: 7 Ways To Help Your Kids Get On The Property Ladder Sooner


June 17, 2021: Episode 343 | “Pass Go & Collect $200” – 6 Property Lessons From Monopoly!

Here Bryce & Ben shares the 6 Proven Property Lessons AND …. yup! That’s it 😊. Whether you want to apply it in your life or not, all up to YOU! .. but we say… YOU SHOULD!


June 24, 2021: Episode 344 | Have You Made The Wrong Investment Decision?

Ben & Bryce will discuss, and will never tire of discussing the fundamentals for we often get that “have I made a mistake” question most especially to those new to our Podcasts. This episode is also for D.I.Y Investors and would be D.I.Y-ers (is there a word? 🤔) D.I.Y.-ers common mistakes in doing valuation, and when to bring in an expert. If your investment property has solar panels, will it increase the value and rent? … What do you think? … find the answer in this episode.



🎥 P.P.S. Here are some of TPC GOLD that we’ve done in June. Do check out our Facebook Page for more videos like this. Enjoy! 🙂


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