60 | Building a portfolio through Rentvesting – Chat with Chris Gray

It’s Episode 60 and we’ve got a special guest on the show today! Bryce and Ben have invited Chris Gray, host of  ‘Your Property Empire’, on Sky News Business Channel and CEO of Empire Property to talk about all things property.

The Property Couch podcast - Building a portfolio through Rentvesting - Chat with Chris GrayApart from being a property expert, Chris also manages his own property portfolio and is currently a rentvestor. In fact, he has been rentvesting for quite some time. So, drawing from his experience, the three of them will be discussing about:

  • How did he built his property portfolio through rentvesting
  • The considerations that an investor will need to think about if they decide to adopt this investment strategy
  • The required mindset for rentvestors
  • The scenarios where rentvesting is worth implementing
  • What kind of expectation you would get from family and friends
  • How to look at the numbers and ensure your cash flow is taken care of

They will also be discussing about the lessons learned along the way and what they think about the current Australian Property Market. If you are interested in the Capital Growth Break Even Calculator mentioned in this podcast, just fill in the form below and we’ll send it to you right away:


Capital Growth Break Even Calculator

You can also download a copy of Ben’s Money Magazine article here: Download here
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