Ricky Commerford

When Ricky was a kid, money was an issue. Growing up in a family of 7, our special guest today confessed that there was unhealthy money education very early on. Although it didn’t feel like he missed a thing and his parents made sure him and his four brothers got everything they needed…

He was still able to sense some tension in the family. You see, today’s guest grew up where credit cards and personal loans were the norm and he saw the effect of that chipping away on his parents’ relationships.

And unfortunately…. those bad habits stuck to him. To the point that the day he turned 18 and was eligible to get a credit card, he got one. (And you wouldn’t believe what he got right away too!)

Luckily, he met the love of his life who had great money senses and that managed to counter his bad habits…

Life was going great until one fateful night at work initiated a very serious spiral into a mental health crisis – PTSD, acute anxiety and acute depression.

All during COVID.

Find out how Ricky managed to turn all this around and prove that whatever life throws at you, a passion to get better, perseverance and a hunger to learn will make sure you overcome this.


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