Keren White

In today’s brand new episode, we chat with TPC listener Keren White about the Wake-Up Call that shook up her thinking and demanded she change her money habits for good.

You see, prior to the hard blow of death, Keren White and her husband Terence had been pretty cruisey about life…

… and this was also true of their money habits.

They took holidays whenever they wanted to.

They overspent, even though they had a budget in place.

They’d use ’emergency cash’ they’d put away for their car on a weekend getaway instead… after all, the car was fine… and they deserved a break from working so hard, right?

They lived for today.

And they weren’t particularly stretched…

If anything, they were doing kinda fine, really…

But then something happened that changed all this.

And you’re about to hear exactly why this Wake-Up Call became the catalyst needed to prioritise the future too.



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