Free Fact Sheet: Death, CGT and Your Home

Please welcome back, Julia Hartman, our Property Tax Guru! Julia is the Founder of BAN TACS, a cooperative of accountants that has been helping thousands of Australians navigate the world of tax since 1992. Basically, she’s your ultimate tax expert!

In Episode 502 of The Property Couch, we’ve uncovered the minefield that is death, inheritance, and taxes. It’s an unpleasant reality and a lot of people tend to avoid discussing it but don’t underestimate it’s importance in protecting your assets. Understanding how the title of your home is held is crucial for effective estate planning. The implications can be significant, influencing everything from ownership continuity to tax benefits. But it’s not easy to understand it! 

Which is why Julia has meticulously prepared this fact sheet, offering valuable insights to enrich your understanding.  

Fill in the form and download the free fact sheet today. 😉

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