Episode 372 | The Transformational Power of Being on The Same Page – Chat with Matt

Happy New Year folks!!!🥳🥳

We’re kick-starting the year with an aspiring and positive story from our special guest, Matt!

Folks, this comes as no surprise but it’s important to be on the same page as your partner.

If you already are, that’s awesome!

But if you’re not… how about making it your target this year?


Cause here’s the deal…

Matt and his wife, Alana are detectives and they’ve probably seen the absolute worst of society. We’re talking about drug and firearms, organised crime, family violence and sexual offending cases…

You need an iron clad mindset and the right support to be able to weather through all that at work, come home and still have faith in humanity.

Luckily, Matt and Alana have exactly that.


And the best thing is?

They’ve channeled the same energy and passion on their work to their family and wow…. The results are simply transformational.

Don’t take our word for it folks, tune in now to find out more.

p.s. Check out this epic home-made toy box too! You’ll know what it stands for when you tune in to the 20:57 minute of the episode 😉


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Here’s what we cover…

  • 1:50 – Meet Matt.
  • 2:37 – The money conversation around the dinner table…
  • 4:40 – What did he do with the Coca-Cola shares his parents got him?!
  • 7:18 – Money differences between siblings…
  • 8:15 – The luxurious life of an expat… but what real impact does it have on him?
  • 9:28 – What was the wake-up call?
  • 11:47 – The transformational power of having a partner on the same page
  • 14:20 – His first step towards good money management habits…
  • 16:58 – How to implement Money SMARTS without a credit card
  • 19:02 – Where did the Fear of Credit Card come from?
  • 20:57 – Their savvy money hack to save for a deposit!! #CustomMadeToyBox
  • 22:45 – THIS was invaluable to their transition…
  • 25:50 – What’s the trade-off for buying a boat?
  • 27:48 – The money discussions they are having now
  • 29:03 – What’s their Lifestyle by Design?
  • 33:00 – The unexpected events that they need to look out for…
  • 34:30 – His #1 Tip for people thinking about implementing Money SMARTS
  • 37:59 – Passing On The Wisdom: What Matt wants you to know about building your own wealth…


  • 44:55 – Our New Year Resolution for you!!
  • 46:20 – Ok if you’ve stayed this far… Here’s a special sneak peek into “something”



Note: There are more real-life investor stories like this in our Previous Summer Series! Make sure you check them all out here.

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