Free Report: Year-end considerations for Rental Property Owners

As the year draws to a close, we begin reflecting on the changes we’ve made over the past year…

Wait – we’re not talking about Christmas or the end of 2022!

We’re talking about the end of the financial year for property investors!!

This time is all about recording those new changes to your homes – be it repairs, renovations or improvements – and submitting them in your 2022 tax return!

This report covers what you can claim when doing either of these three (plus what isn’t tax-deductible) and what general deductions you can make.

Simply put, we’re trying to share some tax tips to maximise your return this tax season!! 

So what are you waiting for?

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p.s. Tune in to the full Bonusisode on Tax Planning Tips to Maximise your Returns (Part One) to hear Property Tax Guru Julia Hartman and our own Ben Kingsley unpacking this report. Start playing from 32 minutes 56 seconds folks!

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