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Dear Bryce, Ben and other contributers,

Just a little letter of appreciation for all of your efforts and expertise from the advice you have personally given as well as your wonderful podcast.

The podcast in itself has totally changed what I thought I knew (didn’t know) about property. I wished I had access to it 5 years ago before a lot of the mistakes were made.

More profoundly for me, however, it has also opened up new perceptions and practices that have changed my life. These have, surprisingly, not been through the property content of the couch but through small comments about reading certain books (D. Carnegie et al), listening to other podcasts (T. Ferris etc) and listening to a number of your practices/attitudes.

Meditation, the practice of gratitude, and the introduction of mind numbing routine into certain aspects of life to allow for more productivity in others are now habit…….. and all from a property podcast!!!

So once a again a big thank you for the privilege to learn from your experience/s.

Kind regards

Sandy – June 2016

June 15, 2016


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