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Completely changed my life
I started listening to the property couch in April of this year (2023) after seeing the book on my mums bookshelf and reading it over a weekend.

After listening to one of their new summer episodes something clicked.

To put it in to context I am 28 years old and prior to listening to that first episode I have spent the last 10 years spending every dollar i had resulting in a consumer and bad choices debt spiral that totalled over 40 thousand dollars by the beginning of this year (2023). I have never looked to the future nor have I ever thought of investing or property. I am a carpenter who thought all of that was outside my capability.

Fast forward to the present day (August 2023) and I am currently on episode 443 of the podcast having listened to every single episode since the very first episode. I work on my own most days so am able to listen to about 10-12 hours of the pod cast a day.

In doing this my life has completely changed. I don’t think two people (and stiggy) I have not met could have changed my life any more for the better.

Since that first episode I have completely changed my spending saving and investing for the future habits (and also annoyed my partner into doing the same)

I have wiped off a considerable amount of that debt to the point it is very manageable paying it off weekly with the end to that near in sight.

Further more i have saved more than 20,000 dollars to go towards my first investment property which I hope to purchase around this time next year.

(Note I am not on a huge income but am on a healthy hourly rate as a carpenter so this is possible for the every day person!!)

With Bryce and Ben’s guidance I have educated myself on who and who not to trust in the industry and am positioning myself to achieve the new goals (based on a thirty year plan) that I have set for my self. Along the way on their recommendation I have devoured books waking up at 5am to do an extra hour or reading each day before work reading everything from rich dad poor dad, ditch debt get rich, money school, freakonomics, tony robbins unshakeable, all of nowl whittakers books! (Yes even the retirement book!), think and grow rich and many many more !

I never knew what it felt like to have a three decade plan based off setting meaningful life goals but it is incredible. I wake up every day feeling like i am working towards something meaningful.

And i owe it all to these two men. I wish their was a rating higher than 5 stars because 5 stars is not even close to the impact you have had on my life.

Thank you couchers.

P.s my goal is to come on the 2024 summer series and to talk to you ( a year and a bit from now) with something more to show for all this. I hope to come on and inspire all the people my age who i know were/are living like I have been and show them its not too late or out of their reach to change and grow their financial future.

Keep doing to good work Bryce and Ben you are changing lives

β€” PaddyLeary on iTunes, July 31, 2023

PaddyLeary August 31, 2023


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