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University of Ben and Bryce !
Hi Guys! A massive thanks and some information to some of the newcomers to your community, I wanted to give a genuine and heartfelt shoutout and response to a review you had the other day. Like all good University degrees, I stumbled into the property couch a few minutes late way back in mid to late 2015, after hearing Ben on another podcast dishing out the gold. Taking up a seat on my daily 30 min commute fresh in my new job after finishing Uni, I was keen to learn more about property and life, these guys were a perfect match.

The professors, Bryce the charismatic cool young innovator with his huge property networking power; paired with the sage financial wisdom and brains of the one and only Prof B Kingsley. The weekly tutorials on the ABCD’s built my foundation knowledge and the guest lectures from property heavyweights Jan Somers, Paul Clitheroe, and Peter Koulizos further developed my knowledge. The textbooks you printed added as take home study guides and the online tools the TPC developed evolved to further advance teaching and my finance management systems over the journey.

I also have to say a massive thanks to Ben and Bryce for picking up the HECs bill, if this was a uni course I would have been up to about my 7th year with you guys. With a uni degree I would be paying out $30-50K P/A + CPI, these guys have me FREE KNOWLEDGE! It’s amazing. Not to mention access to special courses, presentations and insights which would probably cost me another $200-500 per seminar/ month.

To the newcomers to this community, these guys provide 100% free Education on property and finance, they have access to insights and collaborate with Australian and global industry leaders. Sure, they talk a bit of footy banter and the 30min podcast is long gone, fortunately I now have a longer commute to the country once a week to fit in the 90 mins of gold. I simply do not know where else you could find this genuine and evidence based knowledge pooled into one place.

I’m so thank thankful for what they deliver, Bryce is ALWAYS enthusiastic and brings positive energy each and every week, and Ben always shares a piece of GOLD- he is a maser and teaches me something each and every week. I’ve told all my friends all of whom are thankful to have grown their knowledge on their property journey’s with these guys as well.

I simply cannot find a better resource.

Top 5 chats of all time

1. Jan Somers/ Margaret Lomas

2. Paul Clitheroe

3. Scott Keck- Back to the future

4. Useful belief Chris Helder

5. Simon Kustenmacher talking demographics in that accent

Top mindset minute of all time

1. Cannot go past the Dale Carnegie series- How to win friends and influence people, I’ve got a copy in my bookcase.

Top life Hack of all time

1. Keep a dustpan brush in the boot- Bryce! I know Ben had NO IDEA what you were talking about but this one has saved me and the dog coming home from the beach so many times.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys are great!

Keep up the great work

Andy + friends +family

— Andy + Friends on iTunes, April 17, 2023

Andy + Friends April 17, 2023


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