UPDATE | Monetary & Fiscal Stimulus Program – What you need to know about them

As you’re likely aware, the coronavirus has NOT slowed. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic was having deep ramifications for financial systems right around the world, until central banks stepped in.

So in his unprecedented speech late last week, Dr Philip Lowe announced an Emergency Rate Cut along with other measures effective immediately. We’ve mentioned this to you in last week’s episode on COVID-19 and Property Outlook.

As promised, this bonusisode features Ben’s update on the whole monetary and fiscal policy stimulus program… plus, he also explains what this means for the economy, property owners and for those who might be doing it tough, or could find themselves in a compromised position, during this time of uncertainty.

p.s. Make sure you don’t miss out on our COVID-19 and Share Market Analysis Bonusisode as well!


Here’s What We Cover…

  • COVID-19 and Finance Update
  • RBA Rate Cut
  • Governer’s Philip Lowe underlying message
  • The Five Key Measures mentioned in his speech last week
  • What’s a repayment holiday and how can that help you
  • and lots more


Additional Helpful Resources on COVID-19

National Update: Click here

State Update:


One Final Word…

If you’re worried about your finances or if you have no clarity on your cash flow position, we strongly recommend you to organise your finances now. It’s more important than ever to have a clear view, down to the exact cent, on how much you’re spending each month and how much surplus you’ve got. If you don’t know it, then log in to your Money SMARTS Platform here and update the numbers.

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Episode 276 | COVID-19 & Property Outlook

There’s no doubt that every one of us is impacted by COVID-19 — the coronavirus pandemic — that’s practically everywhere right now.

It’s on the news. It’s in our countries. It’s fuelling a lot of anxiety and panic across the globe…

So, today’s episode is all about navigating the uncertainty of COVID-19 and lifting our eyes so we can see the bigger picture BEYOND the short-term contagion — and the social contagion — that’s currently going on.

Our message remains the same as our first episode on the coronavirus — to spread calm and connection right now….

But A LOT has changed in a week… and so we also have another (kinda really exciting!) message for you…

If you’re cashflows allow and your job security is there… NOW just might be one of the best times to act!

Now, we’re by no means belittling what’s going on here…. We get the severity of the coronavirus event and we understand there are folks out there that are doing it tough right now. And our hearts go out to them and their families.

However, it’s our job to turn to the data and face the facts so we can give you a realistic look at the property market.

Because here’s the deal… the anxiety and panic we’re seeing in our supermarkets is NOT what we’re seeing on the grounds in the property market!

To highlight this, we’re doing something we’ve never done on the show before… we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look into our “Inner Sanctum” — that is, the most-recent meeting with our team of Buyers Agents who are currently out there buying investment properties. So you get to be a “fly on the wall” as they explain what they’re witnessing in the property market… and WHY.


Because, yes… there IS a lot of outside contagion going on. The economy IS being affected at this time. There IS uncertainty and fear going on. And we’ve never really seen something like what we’re witnessing right now. But there’s a VERY positive news story here for a handful of folk who are planned, informed and ready to act… an opportunity that, well, doesn’t come around too often


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Here’s What We Cover…

  • COVID-19 and Property Update
  • Dr Jud Brewer’s Three Steps
  • What is “The Media Cycle”— and how is this contributing to the social contagion going on?
  • How will the coronavirus affect the economy?
  • What’s Australia’s Super Power?
  • Are they going to cut the rates TODAY?
  • Bernard Salt on The Big Shift
  • What’s likely to happen in the property market in the ‘20s?
  • What’s the government doing to assist with the coronavirus event?
  • What will the banks do if you struggle to make your mortgage repayments during this time?
  • Why don’t we see high volatility in property?
  • The Endowment Effect
  • “The Inner Sanctum” – Behind the scenes with our Buyers Agents (exclusive recording)
  • Who is likely to have job security right now?
  • Who should NOT act now?
  • Why is NOW one of the best times EVER to invest in property?




Episode 275 | 7 Grades of Financial Wellbeing – Which one are you?

Where do you sit on the ladder of financial success?

In this episode, we’re unpacking a brand-new framework that outlines the seven grades of financial wellbeing… so you can self-assess your financial health in a way you’ve never been able to do before!

Here’s the deal, folks… this is new, fresh content. There’s actually nothing out there like this. ‘Cos what we’re about to discuss is the overarching framework of ALL the frameworks we’ve ever gone through over the last five years… and, truth be told, it probably took us from then ‘til now to get really clear on what we’re about to teach today! And to say we’re super excited to share this with you is probably the understatement of the year!

So, it goes something like this…

There’s a GRADING SYSTEM where you can work out exactly where you are on the ladder of financial success… and each grade – or level – has ACTION STEPS, including a “milestone move”, that will move you either up or down this ladder. Obviously, the idea is to move UP a grade and you do this through incremental habits and mindset shifts that will lift you up through each grade… all the way to the “wow” Pinnacle! (This, by the way, is NOT Financial Peace – it’s up there, but it’s actually not the highest tip of the mountain!)

Need an image to grasp this concept? Think of the Karate belts – you start at a white belt and the “best of the best” is the black belt, right? But from white to black there’s a whole bunch of colours in between that show what grade you’re in. And so, just like these karate belts, financial success has a very similar way to reveal where you’re REALLY at. White, Yellow, Orange, Green, etc, etc… Pretty cool, right?

So, essentially, this epic framework is the Yellow Brick Road that paves the way to get to Oz. Or climb out of its opposite if you happen to be stuck in the undesirable grades.

In EACH grade (remember, there’s seven) we’re walking you through…

  • The Headline – the one liner that sums up this grade
  • The Backstory – what gets you to this grade
  • The Big Picture – the main signs of this grade
  • Action Steps – what to do to move up from this grade (and what’ll make you fall down one!)
  • The Feelings – what you’re most likely to feel when you’re here
  • The Milestone Move – the ONE THING that’ll move you up a notch 😉

So… where do you reckon’ you sit? What colour’s your karate belt on financial wellbeing?

Let’s find, out shall we?


Free Resources Mentioned:


Covered in this Ep…


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Episode 274 | Coronavirus Special: Keep calm and carry on!

With the Coronavirus outbreak spreading across the globe and impacting the economy, it begs the question… Is buying property right now still a good idea?

Well, without giving away today’s episode, the message we want to put out there is this… Keep Calm and Carry On.

Because when wide-spread contagions like the Coronavirus break out, they snowball into something else that’s also highly contagious… irrational human behaviour. So, our intention with this special episode is to separate facts from fiction so we stay informed about what’s really going on here without exasperating the issue until we have a crisis of confidence on our hands.

While we’re 100% NOT health experts, we’ve taken some very useful snippets from a recent ABC’s 7.30pm program, so you can hear from those who are experts on infectious diseases. They will give you a clear look at the Coronavirus, explaining in detail how it’s spread, who’s most at risk, what you can do to protect yourself and – perhaps most importantly – give you a realistic look at the numbers.

We have a few tidbits to add on the property side, incl. the Coronavirus’s potential impact on property prices and who should be mindful of taking out a home loan during this time.

Basically, for the majority of folk, it will be this… go full steam ahead. Don’t stop what you’re doing. Don’t be irrational. Just keep calm and carry on…

(And for goodness sake, don’t hoard the toilet paper… it only exasperates the issue! 🧻🧻🧻 )

Psst… in case you’re wondering, we’re talking about our epic New Framework NEXT WEEK!!! (Today’s episode just couldn’t wait 😉)


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Key Learnings…





Episode 273 | Calling out the Bad Guys – How we Found our Voice & Our Top 5 Frameworks to Defend Against Bad Advice

The property industry is unregulated. What this means is that there are more than a few Bad Guys – and not just the sharks in white shoes – out there who slither under the radar and sell dodgy advice that, quite frankly, moves their wealth position and not yours.

This is what keeps us up at night. This is what keeps us showing up every Thursday. This is what started this podcast in the first place. And if you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll already know that The Property Couch is “the people’s podcast” – we’re on a crusade to even the playing field between sly property spruikers and everyday folks who simply want to move the dial on their financial position and create a better life for themselves.

So today – to mark our FIFTH BIRTHDAY! – we’re going out on a limb and doing something a bit different…

Here’s the deal… there’s no doubt that there IS bad advice out there. We wish it wasn’t that way, but it is. There’s no use running from reality.

So in this episode we’re actually diving deep on some experiences we’ve never spoken about before. We’re going to give you a look into what life was like for us BEFORE we started The Property Couch and what pushed us over the edge to start educating folks about how this industry really operates. You’ll get the backstory into how we found our voice, what we did to make sure people heard us and why we care so much about all this property, finance and money management stuff in the first place!

And because our folks have kindly given us the airtime and a reason to show up for the last five years — a quick shout out to ALL of you and a HUGE thank you for your titan-strength support over the years – we’re going to unpack what we’ve learnt from doing the podcast itself… and how all this affects the guests we handpick, the topics we cover and, most importantly, the FRAMEWORKS we share with you! We’re leaving no stone unturned…  and – word of warning! – we’re ripping through this one as we are covering A LOT in this bowel-over ep!! (Ben actually reckoned this one would go for 2 hours if we didn’t get a wriggle on!)


Our Five-Year Birthday Episode ALSO includes…

  • Our Top 5 Frameworks to Defend Against Bad Advice
  • Our Top 5 Favourite Episodes… Of All Time!!
  • Our Top 5 Favourite Guests… (Tricky, but we did it!)


The Freebies Mentioned…

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Key Learnings…

04:33 – Bryce’s reasons for wanting to start The Property Couch

06:20 – Ben’s spark…

10:29 – How is property education like the Keto Diet?

13:03 – Why “7 properties in 7 years” is

14:20  – The Debt Servicing Debt Strategy

18:50 – What was the first course Ben decided was worth purchasing?

23:56 – How our Wealth Simulator came into existence…

27:35 – When and Why did Ben reach out to Bryce all those years ago?

30:42 – The Five-Step Process to Property Investing

35:40 – The lessons from the podcast

46:08 – Bryce’s Top Five Favourite Frameworks!!

48:02 – Four Critical Levers to Financial Peace

48:25 – Ben’s Top Five Favourite Frameworks!

51:35 – How do we decide on our guestsv?

51:40 – Bryce’s Top 5 Favourite Guests!

56:06 – Ben’s Top Five Favourite Guests!

57:38 – Honourable mentions – Bryce’s Top 5 Favourite Episodes

58:41 – Ben’s Top Five Favourite Episodes!

1:01:54 – The Most Downloaded Episodes of all time

1:03:24 – Our mistakes…

1:05:36 – NEW FRAMEWORK announcement…!!!!!


P.S. Tell us your Top 5 Favourite Money Hacks, Mindset Minute, Did You Know & International Sign Off!!

Let us know here or post a comment on our Facebook Page 😊






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