310 | Is Property Just A Ponzi Scheme?

Have you ever questioned if property is as good as it’s cracked up to be? Like, is it really a sure-bet investment?

You’ve seen the headlines… You’ve heard us say certain properties should be in the “no go” zone for investors… And maybe you’ve even seen or heard about other property markets around the world that actually CRASHED – quite literally… some even plummeting in prices overnight.

So… What makes the Australian property market different? Is it guaranteed to NEVER fail? And how do we know “for sure” that your money is as “safe as houses”?!

Here’s the deal… a client of ours recently gave us some feedback after working with us. Feedback that, to be quite frank, made us stop in our tracks.

And we wanted to address that feedback today because, one, it raises a few valid points… and, two, we think this episode will help any of you folks out there who might have some reservations about the property market of your own… and/or you simply want to educate yourself more on the Australian property market, how it works and why investing in it isn’t going to end in tears in a few years down the track…

Suss the feedback we received below & Listen Now to hear our response!


The Feedback We Received…

A lot of millennials (including myself), are sceptical about property and put off investing because we read/consume a lot of stuff that is bearish on property. I would also say that I found it difficult to listen to the podcast because it is too ‘normie’ and doesn’t address/contend with a lot of the current zeitgeist outside the mainstream media that people consume nowadays (Zero hedge, Martin North, Real Vision, Jolly Swagman podcast, Nasim Taleb, Steve Keen, the case for crypto).

I put off investing in property for years because of this sort of content saying that property is a pyramid scheme for boomers and that valuations are only maintained due to central bank policy and credit availability. Instead of dismissing this stuff as conspiracy theories – actually take it on and come up with persuasive arguments against it instead of relying on me taking 5 years to find them myself.

  • admit that current immigration levels are unsustainable politically and can’t be a key driver of house prices
  • admit that the majority of growth in house prices is due to credit availability and decreasing interest rates
  • admit that there is nothing inherently different about Australia from say Ireland or Spain and their property crashes (other than maybe the ability to print our own currency). 
  • admit the risk of a Japanese lost decade and drop in consumption and birth rates caused by high levels of household debt.  

I would have felt way better going into this if I’d heard some strong arguments against this stuff. Having said all that – I want to invest in property because it’s a human need and it will never go to zero (wealth preservation). I remain sceptical of continued price growth (or at lease real price growth). However, I acknowledge that yes, the game is rigged for boomers but what choice do I have? Getting a bad return on real estate is better than doing nothing. If you want to get more (smart) millennials on board you need to address this stuff.



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