286 | Best Case & Worst Case For Property, PLUS what’s making Property News?

You’ve probably heard Commbank’s “warning” that property prices could drop by “a third” as a result of the unemployment levels due to COVID-19…

You’ve probably ONLY seen this scary number come out of their March Quarter 2020 Trading Update, though right?

Probably because it’s the ONLY number being reported in the headlines!!!

But what’s really interesting is there’s a whole lot of OTHER scenarios that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia also modeled… and… guess what? Yep, you’re only getting the clickbait answer!

So, in today’s Q&A, we’re going to let you in The Best & The Worst-Case scenarios, and what Commbank actually believes is most likely to happen with property prices, according todata.

After that, we’re going through a fair few questions that have also come in over the last two weeks!

Plus, Ben’s also introduced a BRAND-NEW SEGMENT — “What’s Making Property News” — and you can just imagine how excited he is, right?!


We tick off quite a few boxes in this episode folks, so definitely tune in if you’re keen to hear what we can likely expect between now and 2022, and also get some current property, finance, money management and COVID-19answers!


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The Questions

Question about withdrawing superannuation from Sabrina
Good evening. I really admire you both. I listen to your podcasts. I might don’t get chance to listen to every single one, but I love you guys and try to listen whenever I can. I need your advice please.

My situation is, I have some buffer savings in my offset account around $25,000 and me and my husband both have jobs in this situation. But I am working less hours because I am not sending my son to childcare. The monthly earnings will keep us going but very tight and I don’t know when I can send my son to childcare again.

So, my question is am I eligible to withdraw $10,000 superannuation? Because my hours has been reduced significantly (my company is giving me enough hours but I have elected not to work like before because of my son) so can I apply for super and what are the pros and cons if I withdraw super? I am just scared if I will run out of money and I didn’t apply for it.


Questions about cross-colleterialisation and accessing equity from Danielle
Hi Bryce, I have just started reading your book I bought last year “The Armchair Guide to Property Investing”. I find it quite interesting and a few similar matters are bought up like in the barefoot investor. I have read a few times not to have your loans with one bank so my first question is how do you use your equity you have with that bank to purchase another investment and get the loan with another bank? I can’t seem to find much information about it and do not understand it, but my partner has tried to do it and his broker seemed to think it was too hard, but reading it can be done? We have 6 properties between us. I have 2 and Brendon, my partner, has 4. We want to invest more — my aim was a property every two years until we reach the time, we want a new house for ourselves to live in; in the country or a shack.

My second question: I have read a lot about don’t cross-collaterise your loans. I felt like I did this and don’t see how you don’t do it if you’re using your property as security and the equity in it? Then yesterday I read an article, and it says if you have standalone loans for each property that isn’t cross collaterised — it’s only when you have all your properties and loans as one? Is this correct?

My third question is: my partner is about to pay off his first house and own it; the one we currently reside in. He wants to know, if he pays it off, does he get the deed to his house or not because he has used it as security with his other three investments?


Question about the planning process from Mazen
I’m up to Ep 120 of The Property Couch podcast and just read chapter 1 of your book. You have turned my mindset about property upside down, in a positive way! One thing I need to get my head around before moving on to chapter 2 is to actually try work out a monetary value of my future goals so that I can put a plan together to achieve them in the timeframe. I’m a bit unsure about where to start and what to consider when calculating how much money I will need (e.g. questions running through my mind… I want to travel “this” often and so I need “this” much money, I want to live close to the beach by “this” age so how much would I need for “this”, etc) Am I overthinking it? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


Question about LMI vs Renting from Hayley Robinson
What do you think is better? Paying LMI or rent when getting ready for buying a first home?


Question about Procrastination and Choosing the “right” debit/credit cars from Aaron
I’ve been trying to get all our debts/credit cards sorted before getting property investment advice, and feel like I’m just procrastinating now…


Question about Inflation and Passive Income Target from Grant
How much in today’s money do you need in assets to get $2k passive income?


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