453 | From 20K to a $2M Property Portfolio: How She Used the Migrant Mindset to Start Again – Chat with Mila Holmes

It was just over a month ago now when we sat down with the Judo Boys who initially introduced to us the concept of the migrant mindset… And this week’s Winter Series guest is a living testament to the power of this mindset.  

Meet Mila Holmes, an amazingly disciplined and driven Winter Series guest who, together with her partner, owns a property portfolio worth nearly $2M.  

But growing up….?  

There was one morning when she and her family woke up…

With their entire life savings WIPED. 😱 

Mila shares what it was like to experience this, from growing up living with 10 other people (yep…housing in USSR is VERY different to Australia) and rampant debt levels to how she made the brave, life-changing decision to move to Australia – by herself. 

 We’ll cover TONS of gold from her winning “Scientific Approach” to investing to how she became MoneySMART including aligning partner money personalities and getting a property plan.  

And if this wasn’t enough, we’ll cover how she’s flourished in the last 14 months of rate rises AND has come to own an absolute 70s gem in Surfers Paradise.  


 Give it a listen now or watch the Episode below! 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 1:17 – Welcome Mila!  
  • 1:37 – Waking up with their savings completely wiped 🙁  
  • 2:45 – Bad debts and people knocking… 
  • 3:59 The housing story in USSR (10 people in one place?!)  
  • 6:30 – Growing up in St Petersburg 😮  
  • 8:48 – First jobs, university and a divorce…  
  • 10:04 – How Mila came to Australia (by herself!)  
  • 11:48 Money beliefs + impacts of the bank’s collapse  
  • 14:47 – Townsville & transforming her money values  
  • 16:18 – The Commonsense Approach 
  • 17:36 – Merging money personalities: How this power couple did it!  
  • 19:28 – Becoming MoneySMART 😉 
  • 20:52 Strategic advantages from the Migrant Mindset  
  • 23:24 – THIS is why Mila chose to invest in property…  
  • 24:18 – The first property they bought (ahh the memories!)  
  • 26:28 – Getting deployed to Iraq + Engaging the professionals 
  • 27:17 The Scientific Approach to Property Investing 
  • 28:34 – COVID, Children and another property?!?  
  • 30:23 – “It’s not all smooth sailing…”  
  • 31:38 – Like a terrific landlord should! 
  • 34:53 – The 70’s gem they now have in Surfers Paradise  
  • 37:19 – Plan to become what you plan to become… 
  • 38:49 How they can optimise their next chapter!  
  • 43:36 – LVR and moving away from rent-vesting… 
  • 46:05 – How has this power couple navigated the last 14 months?  
  • 51:43 Mila’s advice to listeners out there!  
  • 53:24 – And THIS is why she came onto TPC to share her story! 
  • 54:42 – Thank you Mila – What an amazing story!  


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438 | REVEALED: Avoid these Property Buying Myths

There are many myths about buying property, but… it is important to avoid the hype of the headlines folks! 

In this week’s episode, we tackle some of the biggest property-buying myths going around – and bust them right open with facts and real-life examples from our team on the ground.  

This is Part 2 of our series on myths and misconceptions and today we unpack some of the big ones; 

🔎 Are property prices dropping?? 

🔎 The Time it takes to transact   

🔎 What is a Bargain Property? 

🔎 Unpacking the perfect property myth   

🔎 Set and forget strategies are non-existent…  

🔎 What is the Growth Corridor and what is the corridor measuring???   

🔎 How to avoid the hype!! 

Another jam-packed episode for you as we separate fact from fiction when it comes to buying property! 

Tune in now or watch the episode below 😊 >>


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The next installment of our Mythbusters series   
  • 03:30 – Yes, we have had an interest rate pause….. BUTbe cautious    
  • 03:36 – What are the rhythms we are really looking for??   
  • 04:12 – Mindset Minute……   
  • 04:45 – Myth #1 – Are property prices _______??    
  • 06:02 – At the coal face of property buying in Melbourne…  
  • 07:18 – Are listings really moving this quickly??  
  • 08:49 – Why our team is missing out… Why we need to be wary of the headlines…    
  • 10:05 – This property was a perfect storm   
  • 15:40 – Is The uncertainty of COVID dissipating??  
  • 16:11 – Are all buyers at the mercy of interest rates??   
  • 17:13 – This is a Warning signal … AND  a leverage point    
  • 18:25 – What about Adelaide..   
  • 19:00 – Is it affordable??  
  • 20:00 – High competition…. Where is the demand coming from?  
  • 22:10 – Why do we keep reinforcing suburb and property types?  
  • 22:35 – How are we learning from the missed deals?  
  • 22:55 – …and the Brisbane market   
  • 23:50 – What is the mindset and conditioning of these buyers??   
  • 26:05 – Perth… Why are they saying it’s nuts!!!   
  • 28:08 – Are Investors acting irrationally???   
  • 29:27 – Is demand exceeding supply??  
  • 30:35 – Will property prices stabilise?    
  • 34:06 – Will we see interest rate falls and what will that do to borrowing power??  
  • 34:33 – Times are very different now… Who does this speak to?   
  • 36:00 – Will we see more growth instead of a correction?   
  • 36:14 – When can you predict the bottom?   
  • 37:00 – Myth # 2 – Time to ______  
  • 37:27 – It takes time to get ready!!!!   
  • 39:05 – Myth #3 – ______ property    
  • 39:41 – Do your fundamentals stack up?   
  • 40:32 – What’s with the bargaining rack at the shopping mall??  
  • 41:42 – Myth #4 – The ______ property myth    
  • 41:59 – Is this an alibi for procrastination???  
  • 44:15 – When do you say enough is enough?  
  • 44:40 – Myth #5 – Low _______ properties   
  • 44:56 – Why Set and forget strategies are non-existent…  
  • 48:12 – Investing is a process…. Not an EVENT   
  • 48:39 – Myth #6 – The ______ Corridor    
  • 48:52 – What is the corridor measuring???   
  • 49:50 – Are you investing in the developers’ profits????   
  • 53:50 – The four ways an investor pays? https://thepropertycouch.com.au/episode-019-four-ways-investor-pay-wrong-asset/   
  • 54:15 – What are the key takeaways?  
  • 54:20 – All of OUR underlying principles remain   
  • 55:40 – Avoid this – SIMPLE!!!  
  • And…   
  • 56:10 – Lifehack: How to game the big tech companies from surveillance capitalism  
  • 59:30 – What’s making property news?? 


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437 | The Biggest Danger people face when looking at property data

When it comes to property investment, data is a very valuable tool for making informed decisions. However, looking at single data measures can be dangerous, especially when it comes to something as complex as the housing market. To truly understand affordability and sustainability, we need to consider a range of factors and look at the bigger picture.  

Take median house prices, for example. This is a commonly used statistic that can give us a general idea of the state of the housing market. However, by itself, it can be misleading.  

Folks, in episode 437, we have the perfect guest to help us unpack all things property data, what to look for and the dangers of looking at single data measures. We sat down with Kent Lardner, one of Australia’s best and most respected property data analysts. Kent has over 30 years’ experience in the industry focusing on property data and analytics. 

We will be diving deep into:  

🔣 The Dangers of looking at Single Data Measures  

🔣 Looking at Median House Prices as a descriptive statistic 

🔣 Affordability – What To Look For 

🔣 Are Rent Rises Sustainable? 

🔣 Kent’s craft and How it Influences his Decisions  

🔣 And of course, unpacking everything going on in the market today  

You’re in for a massive episode today that’s full of knowledge and insights into what to look for when analysing property data! 

Tune in now or watch the episode below 😊  >>


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 00:00 – All the awesome stuff we’re covering today! 
  • 02:28 – Let’s talk about reviews… 
  • 09:24 – Mindset Minute…. Real estate cannot be lost or stolen 
  • 11:10 – Let’s welcome today’s guest…. Kent Lardner  
  • 12:58 – Just some of the reasons we are so excited to have Kent on the couch!! 
  • 13:18 – Let’s take a deeper dive into Kent’s money story growing up 
  • 15:10 – How humour in his family made growing up FUN 
  • 21:28 – The pivotal moment where things shifted from the sale of Price Finder!! 
  • 24:12 – RBA announcement – what does it mean? 
  • 32:07 – What does it mean for us folks when listings pause? 
  • 34:10 – The Dangers of Single Data Measure 
  • 34:47 – Unpacking Suburb Medians 
  • 35:04 – Utilising Time Trendlines… How things change over time 
  • 36:30 – SA1, SA2 and SA3…. What does this actually mean? 
  • 39:37 – What’s the big story??… 
  • 42:31 – New stock being released and the impact it has.. 
  • 43:32 – Volatility through time.. 
  • 44:13 – Hedonic indexes and accounting for variances 
  • 45:38 – Buying at property level, not suburb level 
  • 46:25 – Is the market tanking??? 
  • 46:42 – Why it is important not fall into the hysteria 
  • 47:30 – Creating confidence in analysing the data 
  • 47:32 – What data to analyse… 
  • 48:36 – Prices are tough… Why to look at listings!! 
  • 49:40 – Is a price crash looking likely? 
  • 50:15 – AFFORDABILITY…. What to look for! 
  • 53:02 – Why Rent rises are NOT sustainable 
  • 56:25 – Census data or CHAT GBT?  
  • 59:20 – What happens if markets detach from locals 
  • 1:04:20 – Kents Evergreen Metric for long term suburb growth 
  • 1:05:30 – How to correctly use Census data 
  • 1:06:15 – Using employment categories to analyse data 
  • 1:06:50 – Is it a solid rental market? 
  • 1:15:40 – How does mastering Kent’s craft influence his decisions 
  • 1:16:29 – What is causing Kent’s ANALYSIS PARALYSIS 


    • 1:18:00 – Thanks so much to you Kent for sharing your amazing knowledge  
    • 1:24:00 – Lifehack: Did you know about The Apple Focus function?? 


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432 | Another Tax Grab…What 62.5%?!?!

It’s sad but true, we’re back with yet ANOTHER tax grab (It feels like just yesterday that we were waving goodbye to Queensland’s diabolical land tax…) and this time…

We’re talking about a tax that’s set to take 62.5% of your earnings!!! 🤯🏃

Folks, we’re covering everything you need to know about Windfall Gains Tax – what it is, where it came from (according to Ben 😉) and how much you can be expecting to pay. 

(Oh, did we mention you only have 30 DAYS to pay?!)  

Yep. Welcome back to our first Q&A session for 2023 where we’re tackling this shocking tax grab, along with a line-up of fantastic questions like… 

👉 Should I renovate and rent now or rent then renovate later?!

👉 Why buy Established over new housing?! (How much do you really benefit?)

👉 And if diversification is the key to growth, should one expand their investments beyond property?!  

 Another jam-packed episode that sees Ben more fired up than ever (and not just because he gets called Benjy 😉). Tune in now!  


P.S. For any of those folks who have been using our Moorr platform and gained value from it, we would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts if you could leave us a 5-star review on Apple or Google Play! This helps us to reach and help more people take control of their money on their path to financial freedom.  


Questions We Answer

Question from Kristy on Rent and Renovate – Now or Later?  

Hello to The Property Couch and all listeners. 

My question relates to an investment property I have in Geelong. It’s a 1980’s property in original condition on a very large block and it’s planned to be a long term hold. 

I’m trying to examine two strategies. The first being just simply rent out and renovate it when it’s time to sell maybe in 20 years versus renovate now and rent it out.Where would we be in 20 years?  

With the first strategy, the property would be very rundown by then. With the second strategy the property would likely need another renovation. Of course, I’m trying to be smart with the numbers to see where we might end up. Which strategy would produce more capital growth? Any thoughts or suggestions with how I might evaluate this? Many thanks and can’t wait to hear back from you. 


Question from Wayne on New Housing vs Established 

G’day boys. 

Wayne here from Brisbane. I wanna ask a question here. I’m a little worried that the quality of the information or my voice might be tainted let me start off we go the pies. 

So I’ve been listening to your podcast for quite some time now. I’ve circled to most of the episodes. One of the questions I have is around the established properties versus obviously the house and land packages and so on. 

I get that there’s a whole issue with the supply and demand in newer states and all that sort of stuff. I guess where the confusion for me comes is generally the properties will experience growth because the phases and stages of new developments obviously the land gets more expensive I don’t think it ever gets cheaper so that would kind of dictate that you’re actually going to get some capital growth even in the early stages and if you buy it for long term, 20 or 30 years then obviously at some point these newer states are going to become the established estates as they open up more land etc. 

So obviously the savings that happen in terms of stamp duty being paid on new purchases if you’re only paying it on the land is significant savings there. The non-cash deductions on new properties obviously there’s significant rebates and sort of stuff there from a tax perspective. 

So just wondering why it’s kind of not the accepted way to go?  

I’m not disputing what you guys teach, obviously, you’ve been doing this a couple lot longer than I have but I just I just wonder if you can explain am I missing something? Or you know my reading it right and and just you know it’s one of the options that are available to us so anyway thanks for the info.


Question from Ned on Windfall Gains Tax 

G’day Bryce, G’day Ben.

Firstly, thanks so much for all the work you do with the property couch podcast as well as your book. I’ve really really enjoyed my time reading and listening so thanks for all the hard work that you do. It’s really valuable for all your community, no doubt.

My name is Ned, I’m 22 and I’m from Adelaide and I have a question about windfall gains tax particularly how that looks in Victorian Market. I think it could be of interest of payable who either hold currently assets in the rural sector or those looking to potentially invest in that market too so if you could explain what it is exactly, first of all and how it looks going in to the next few years.

I think a lot of people would be interested so thanks guys.I will be looking forward for your response.


Question from Cam on Property & Shares – Diversification 

Hi Bryce and Ben.

My name is Cam. Now I have a question for you. If diversification is really the key your growth then the key to your assets, then would you recommend considering other asset clauses such as shares or ETFs?

The reason being is obviously we all love diversification and we do not want to throw our eggs in to one basket. Obviously the great thing about property is that there is a lot of leverage that you can place in to one asset. You could control half a million dollar property in less than 20% even in some cases 5% down.

But if diversification is the key and you have the sizeable amount that you wanted to truly be diversified, with franking credits and dividends being paid, is shares and ETFs something that all people should consider? Or are shares and ETFs something that people should  consider in combination of couple of investment properties?


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  • Episodes referenced:  Episode 418 | The Hidden Forces Driving Property Values 


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – Welcome back & send us your Qs!  
  • 4:32 – Free Resources: Make Your WealthSPEED Go Faster, Free Suburb Report & Moorr!  
  • 12:29 – Mindset Minute: If you feel you’re in control, you’re more likely to… 
  • 16:31 – Q1) Renovate now or later?  
  • 17:30 – What Kristy should be considering…  
  • 19:13 – Ben & Bryce’s rule of thumb for renovations! 
  • 21:25 – Our thought process behind this question (+ potential benefits)   
  • 25:54 – Q2) Buying New Housing vs Established 
  • 28:20 – Why land-to-asset ratio matters! 
  • 31:19 – It boils down to THIS thinking… 
  • 34:10 – Folks, it’s about that 1 or 2%!  
  • 38:00 – Spruikers will show you this 🤨 (& where risk lives)  
  • 41:20 – Q3) Windfall Gains Tax  
  • 42:13 – Everything you need to know about Windfall Gains Tax (An extra 62.5% tax?!?!?)  
  • 45:15 – …And here’s when the thresholds kick in! (It’s not great folks)  
  • 46:50 – Let’s dive into an example… 
  • 48:25 – Who ultimately pays?  
  • 50:55 – This has been our message since Day 1!  
  • 53:08 – The hidden impacts of this tax + how to circumnavigate it  
  • 55:14 – Q4) Property & Shares – Diversification 
  • 56:56 – The best investors say this…  
  • 59:31 – Weighing up the benefits vs costs with diversification  
  • 1:02:20 – Folks, we will NEVER say this…(& the checklist we do recommend!)  
  • 1:03:26 – How to diversify your portfolio beyond property!  



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418 | The Hidden Forces Driving Property Values

“Property is a voting machine in the short term and a weighing machine in the long term.” 

Folks, these words form the beginning of one of our most important episodes (and also our LAST formal episode for 2022!! 😮 But don’t worry, we’ve got an AMAZING Summer Series coming at you next week. But back to this week…)  

In light of the rising housing values, we’ve heard SO many people say, “Surely property prices can’t go up anymore?!?” 

And this is exactly what we’re speaking to when we’re divulging…  

What Drives Property Values?!  

From economic activity to human interest and behaviour, what actually causes these prices to go up? Is there a secret framework to help you accurately predict which markets are about to “boom”? (Spoiler: Yes there is! 😉)  

And ultimately, “is it possible for them to keep going up – and is it bad if it does?!” 

In Ben’s words, “Today’s episode is a MEGASODE!!!”. Tune in now to hear all of this evergreen wisdom and more!  



P.S. Massive Black Friday Sale Incoming!!! 

We turned our chart-topping, evergreen property investment book, The Armchair Guide To Property Investing into an audiobook!

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For Black Friday, we’re offering our Property Couch community this bundle for just $4.95!!

We’ll be releasing what’s in it and how you can get it – with a massive 86% discount – in tomorrow’s email, so keep your eyes peeled in your inboxes tomorrow!


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  • Free Report: Read Relationships Australia’s latest 2022 findings here.  
  • Free Article: Read Money Mag’s Article on “Aussies to spend $6.2 billion on Black Friday sales” here. (From Ben’s What’s Making Property News)  
  • Examples: See some examples of Singapore Properties at Chestnut Drive ($20M) and Nassim Road ($56M!) from 1:27:25!   


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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – The Gold Today  
  • 1:59  IT’S HERE! We have reached this amazing milestone with Moorr! (And this is how much it costs…) 
  • 9:20 – Woohoo!! Our Summer Series starts NEXT WEEK?! 
  • 10:44 – Money creates relationship problems for 1 in 5? 🙁  
  • 20:25 – This is the BIGGEST fear for most investors… 
  • 22:31 – Why this episode is so important (and how the idea was born!!) 
  • 23:53  The Weighing vs Voting Machine 
  • 26:32 – What Drives Property Values in the SHORT TERM (The Affordability Answer) 
  • 28:32 – Beware the Block Effect!  
  • 31:08 – From Detroit to Broken Hill: what happens when demand and supply fail  
  • 37:25 Here’s what you should be considering… 
  • 38:15 – What Drives Property Values in the LONG TERM?!? (plus, a bonus Scene Setting Story from Ben: “When the first fleet came….”)  
  • 40:16 Land is valued based on its P___ U___ 
  • 41:28 – The 7 types of land in Australia (+ their use!)  
  • 49:30 – The power of repurposing land  
  • 51:18 …and this is where human behaviour comes in!  
  • 53:49 – The Veblen Social Psychological Model (& its 6 factors!)  
  • 58:08 – Why are certain mega-rich pockets sustainable?!  
  • 1:00:12  THIS is the most important indicator of long-term land value!  
  • 1:00:51 – Causation vs. Correlation!  
  • 1:01:54 – The Flywheel Concept (aka. Why property prices WILL continue to go up!)  
  • 1:08:40 – This is the role of politicians!  
  • 1:10:53 – Key Takeaway #1  
  • 1:11:02 – Will Sydney be ever knocked off its perch?!  
  • 1:13:22 – THESE are the factors we look at!  
  • 1:15:56 – Key Takeaway #2   
  • 1:19:50 – Key Takeaway #3 
  • 1:23:12 – Key Takeaway #4: Singapore: A prime example of this! (See our show notes to see these examples!)   
  • 1:30:16 – So… What does this all mean?!? (And how can you apply it?!)  
  • 1:32:09 What about Lifestyle Locations?  
  • 1:34:33 – Let’s Recap (and let us know what you think on our socials!)  


  • 1:36:06 – Ever wanted to sign a document…digitally? Here’s how.  
  • 1:38:30 – It’s true 🙁 Australians really do try to ‘keep up with the Joneses’… 
  • 1:40:15 – psst — Check out Moorr to avoid falling into this trap!  



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