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I wish I found this 2 years ago, After doing everything wrong when it came to my first investment, I’m taking a whole new approach to investing after listening to Ben and Bryce, reading their book and watching their live views on Facebook. Thanks a lot guys. – Property Renovator on iTunes, October 2016


A brilliant podcast. Tailored to the beginner investor while also covering issues relating to investing. Love listening every week! Well done guys thanks for this great podcast! – Property Renovator on iTunes, October 2016


It simply amazes me that information like this podcast is out there! Free and available anytime! There is no excuse for people to know know how to invest in property. The information is right here! I’m about to invest in my first joint venture and bringing this information to the table to my other investors is priceless! Thanks again guys, this podcast rocks! – Anthmazzei on iTunes, October 2016


All right folks, listen up. This podcast is the cream built on the top of Bryce and Ben’s the (the property men) knowledge and experience. Unpack each episode and take notes, I’ll say that again folks, take notes. They don’t give a summary at the end. Here’s a note to Ibis (or Ivise?), she seems to get all the jobs. Sorry Ibis.

If you think about buying a high rise apartment off the plan in Melbourne or Sydney, you’re wrong – don’t take my word for it, these guys will tell you why. Even if you have, they’ll tell youo how to fix it, and it’s probably not to sell. Interested? You should be. So, release some of the equity out of these guys, build on your podcast portfolio, leverage their knowledge, offset some time to listen in, and use your new knowledge to pay it down. You will find enormous yields, and this affordability story is unbeaten, its free. They are investment savvy property advisors. I’m a podcast savvy committed listener, and I wait each week for their next podcast. Great work guys, please keep producing blue chip content. – Alisdair on iTunes, October 2016


This Podcast has really helped me make sense of all the noise there is out there about the Australian (for me Melbourne) property market. Very much appreciated. A big thanks to you and your guests. – Pete Heel on iTunes, September 2016


I only wish I found this podcast sooner. I’ve started from the beginning and I’m at ep 20. I can’t get enough of the conversations and knowledge that these two have! Years of experience, great life examples and I’m learning something new every episode. – Katie Mac* on iTunes, September 2016


Good educational series for those new to property investing like myself, appreciate the transparent advice and the fact find that you aren’t flogging your own products/services too – respect. – yupyep on iTunes, September 2016


I started listening to Ben and Bryce via The Property Couch a few months ago. I’m hooked and really enjoy listening to their no nonsense conservative approach to property investment. I’m up to date now with all the podcasts, and now look forward to every Thursday. Thanks Ben and Bryce for giving back to both new and seasoned investors. – Kabes76 on iTunes, September 2016


Ben and Bryce are the best in the business hands down. To take time out of their busy lives to create these podcasts are share their knowledge on property (Which you will not get anywhere else) with everyone deserves huge respect to these boys. Well done guys absolutely loving these podcasts very informative and entertaining especially the sign offs. – Con Mavridis on iTunes, September 2016


Everyone, from the moment they start working, should start “working” towards financial independence. This educational podcast, disguised as a casual conversation between friends “in the know”, is a brilliant “how-to” and what to be aware of in property purchasing and investing. I have been very impressed and enlightened. – Caulie_w on iTunes, September 2016


Before you invest, star at Ep1. Superb information presented in easily digestible form. An absolute MUST for anyone wanting to increase personal wealth, even if not interested specifically in property investing. Chapeau. – ScottyBaker on iTunes, September 2016


These guys are great! COmplex ideas are explained simply in an easy to listen to conversational style. Entertaining and engaging, this is the one podcast I look forward to each week. – Benny-123 on iTunes, August 2016


Love this podcast, thank you for putting it together every week. Great resource for establishing frameworks and mindsets when it comes to investing in property. – Andy C on iTunes, August 2016


By far the best property education podcast in Australia. Thank you so much for your insight and the education you have provided to help me grow in my property investment journey. – Dan B on iTunes, August 2016


Hi Ben & Bryce, Love your podcast, just going through it for the 2nd time around! Read your book last weekend and have to say the light bulb moment for me was on the Money SMARTS System. I also really respect your minimalist risk in investing in residential real estate and all your tips on all things ppty. Keep up the great work, can’t wait till Thurs when you UNPACK another episode! – Bec C on iTunes, August 2016


Knowledgeable guys who share generously. I listened to the back catalogue over a couple of weeks and learned a great deal! – 1966spud on iTunes, August 2016


Hard to find this quality info. I started listening yesterday and I’m hooked! Great household advice too for those not overly interested in property investment. – Whackson on iTunes, August 2016


Educational gold! These guys will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of property investing. Very easy to digest all systems and strategy based. No BS!! – alexkhill on iTunes, August 2016


Down to early investment advice! Awesome podcast guys. I’m a latecomer so have gone back to listen from ep 1. As a Sydney “rentvestor” in my 30s with a young family, this advice is “GOLD”! Thanks boys! – Luke Nav on iTunes, August 2016


You should be fired up mate you guys are literally changing people’s lives. This in turn changes the people around them lives also. Because of you guys I feel qualified to pass some basic information onto my kids and know that I am actually acting on that information my self and changing the outlook of their lives in a hugely positive way. I truly mean it when I say thank you from myself and my wife. – Geoff, July 2016


Bryce and Ben, I am so grateful I have stumbled across this podcast. Property investing is something that I have always wanted to get into but have never known the right way to go about it. Im only up to episode 19 but the knowledge I have gained so far is invaluable. I’m beginning to believe I need to use a firm like your own to invest in property. It is what you do for a living. You don’t go and build a house if you’re a accountant so why should a builder try and invest. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this podcast together. – Nathan W, July 2016


Love this podcast. Good information and great to hear how others have built their property portfolios. I wish the sounds quality was a bit better though. It can go from very low to very high pitched which can become painful if listening through earphones. And yes, I do listen t your attempts at saying goodbye in various languages at the end. Very funny! – Moni-1978 on iTunes, July 2016


Great lessons shared on a very relaxed and fun conversational way.- FernandoTravasso on iTunes, July 2016


The best property podcast available – Rc33yy on iTunes, July 2016


Great common sense investment property advice. Thanks Ben and Bryce for providing my weekly source of sound advice on all things investment property. It is truly one of the highlights of my week! Cheers – Rommel on iTunes, July 2016


Great and informative! As a future first time property investor I have gone back to start from the beginning. – South Rain on iTunes, July 2016


Dear Bryce, Ben and other contributers,

Just a little letter of appreciation for all of your efforts and expertise from the advice you have personally given as well as your wonderful podcast.

The podcast in itself has totally changed what I thought I knew (didn’t know) about property. I wished I had access to it 5 years ago before a lot of the mistakes were made.

More profoundly for me, however, it has also opened up new perceptions and practices that have changed my life. These have, surprisingly, not been through the property content of the couch but through small comments about reading certain books (D. Carnegie et al), listening to other podcasts (T. Ferris etc) and listening to a number of your practices/attitudes.

Meditation, the practice of gratitude, and the introduction of mind numbing routine into certain aspects of life to allow for more productivity in others are now habit…….. and all from a property podcast!!!

So once a again a big thank you for the privilege to learn from your experience/s.

Kind regards

Sandy – June 2016


Bryce and Ben, you guys are the 5th and 6th Pillar of Mastery!! This podcast is ‘Investment Grade’! Actually it is priceless! My friends and I are obsessed. The world needs to know about this podcast. At the very least, every single Australian! Spread the word. Love the outros!- Dave C, June 2016


Podcasts are full of gold. – Ripper 2 on iTunes, June 2016


Great education on all things property. Love this podcast, from 2 guys you can really trust for honest no BS advice and education on all things in Australian property investment. – Geoff from Henley on iTunes, June 2016


Fantastic, Free, Fun! Love your work. Has opened my mind to long term strategies. – mate cameron on iTunes, June 2016


Ben and Bryce are providing a balanced no hype view of property investing. Really easy to listen to and very informative. If you’re ready to begin your property investment journey without the pressure of the spruikers, these are the guys for you. Keep up the great work gents and go Dockers! – Jakkafather on iTunes, June 2016


My favorite Australian property podcast by a fair distance – born2reignz on iTunes, June 2016


So helpful and educational. Thank you!!! – M!h! on iTunes, June 2016


I wish I learned this information when I started investing. Podcast is Gold! – Ross Jean on iTunes, June 2016


I can’t believe these guys give this info away for free! I found this after buying their book “The Armchair Guide to Property Investing” and I’ve found both to be an incredible eye opener into the world of residential property investing. A huge thanks to both of them for sharing their wisdom and guidance! – D. McKenzie on iTunes, June 2016


Lets unpack this, sorry, ๐Ÿ™‚ great information and just so informative. Only stumbled onto the podcasts a week or so ago and have gone through 30 episodes, now I’ll go back to episode 1 and start there, little bits of information in every episode, thanks guys- Gordon M, June 2016


Bryce and Ben have been providing me with free property education each and every week. They start from the beginning and lay out the who, what where, when and how of investing in property. Being a frequent listener of their podcasts and also a reader of their book, I have gained so much confidence and feel education enough to take the next step and begin looking for my investment savvy team! In addition – these guys have a great yarn, share some incredible dad jokes (yes, you Ben!), interview intelligent, professional, positive people and they’ve even lead me in the direction of self motivation; pointing me to the likes of Zig Ziglar. The Property Couch has become part of my life an I thank you gents and Ivise for providing such a great podcast for people to better their financial situations! I’ve recommended the podcast and your book to friend and family! – Cory on iTunes, June 2016


Great, love it. Helped me buy my first house. – Bone4487 on iTunes, June 2016


Love the podcast… Thank you sharing your wealth of knowledge. – Mactags on iTunes, June 2016


I absolute love the podcast! It has been an invaluable resource for my partnert and I in our journey to building wealth through property. Keep up the great work! – Nicki.s89 on iTunes, June 2016


Thank you but just wish I listened to your podcast earlier- Wildemeli on iTunes, May 2016


Very good podcast. A good mix of property information and investment strategies. Listen to it every week.- Mr Morowong on iTunes, May 2016


Thanks Bryce and Ben for the excellent resources. If you are interested in property investment, start from episode 1.- Adeetitito on iTunes, May 2016


Easy to listen to. Great info. Learn a lot listening to the podcasts. Keep up the great work. Cheers.- Jarrad.G.on iTunes, May 2016


Love the podcast, I listen each week. Great topical issues discussed as well as pracical steps to growing your own portfolio.- 111user on iTunes, May 2016


I count down the minutes for the podcast to be releases each week! I lean something every week from the ‘Dynamic Duo’, Ben and Bryce.- wsederino on iTunes, May 2016


Stumbled across these 2 guys when searching for property investing podcasts. Excellent content is explained in a plain English conversational mannat which never gets boring. Highly recommended if you’re into property investment!

p.s. Sign offs need a bit of a work though… Arrivederci – mf1963 on iTunes, May 2016


Best podcast you’ll find on the Australian property market.- Jakelovisa on iTunes, May 2016


This is one of the best business podcasts on the Australia Property market. Great guests,great tips and keeping the dream alive and giving us all hope!- Justlake on iTunes, May 2016


Great Podcast that’s full of non biased,genuine property investment gold. Wish I had of found it earlier,would have made a smarter decisions!- propertyinvestorgold on iTunes, May 2016


We are up to our 5th property now and have been doing it through a mix of luck, hard work and gut feeling. Your advice has given us more perspective. Thanks!- Johnny3190 on iTunes, May 2016


The property couch is brilliant. Helped me learn enough to confidently purchase my first property. Thanks!- Biohazard315 on iTunes, May 2016


Am LOVING The Property Couch podcasts,I stumbled upon the podcast after hearing someone else mention it. You’re making my daily commute so entertaining. Thoroughly enjoy listening to you share your knowledge, lots of great guests speakers and a variety of topics. Coincidentally I’m reading your book at the moment too,so it’s all coming together nicely. Love Bryce’s many inspirational quotes and Ben dreading the international sign off ๐Ÿ™‚ Great content and appreciate your commitment to teaching us ‘average joe’ investors how to avoid the pitfalls and get ahead in life from people you can trust who are not trying to take money!!!- Lisawithane on iTunes, May 2016


Guys,I download a months worth of podcasts. I head away for work for a month swing and listen to the months podcasts again and again to take notes and learn from them. Thanks from myself and my family.- Juliannedavies on iTunes, April 2016


By far the best property investing podcast the guys really do “unpack” each podcast so well. Highly recommended,thanks for your knowledge guys. Listening to all for a second time around.- Veryhappylistener!! on iTunes, April 2016


Easily digestible Australian property investing education. These guys have a great conversational tone which is backed up by years of practical property investment (and advice) credentials. I’ve learnt a lot from listening,thanks!- lolsen85 on iTunes, April 2016


Bryce and Ben have a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of property,but it’s the way they deliver the content that makes this podcast a real winner. They breakdown or ‘unpack’ as they would say all topics in an easy to explain format that’s also really conversational so you don’t feel like you’re listening to an audio text book. There’s often so much content out there for budding property investors it can be difficult to know where to start. This podcast cuts through all the jargon and helps to educate anyone on the fundamentals of property investing.- Chez2222 on iTunes, April 2016


Thanks to you guys I have a boost in confidence and I feel like I’m one step closer to investing! Now to go on the hunt and build my investment savvy team! Your book has been a breath of fresh air and there’s been many “Ah ha!” moments as you both mention. I thank you for the case study of Adam, the 25 year old rentvestor – this case study is almost identical to my situation! I look forward to your future podcasts and again I thank you for providing so much great information free of charge on those podcasts!- Cory B, April 2016


Lots of pearls of property investing wisdome no matter what level of investor you are – Keefy14 on iTunes, April 2016


A very easy to listen to source of education. Listen every morning on the way to work. What away to get focused. The topics are very applicable. Thank you- Joanne G, April 2016


Thank you gents, I’ve learnt more from your podcast and book in the last two months than I have in several years when I didn’t know what resources to use. Luckily I got told about the property couch and I have paid it forward many times over. You really are a credit to your industry. Thanks again.- Josh H, March 2016


Love to listen to the property couch on the way to work and back, great insider knowledge! – Peachlinger on iTunes, March 2016


Great work guys. Your podcasts are full of great property investment information. Nothing more than learning from the experts. More importantly you put it in easy to understand language. Thanks again. – Mattie70 on iTunes, March 2016


Loved Episode 57 on “Headwinds”. Was great to hear about attributes of successful people and real life stories. Didn’t mind at all the non property content. 1 in 8 or thereabouts is the right mix for these types of Podcasts. Please keep them coming. – Leigh H., March 2016


Best property pod out there – FinetoothRadio on iTunes, March 2016


Brilliant podcast gentlemen and it is very refreshing to receive such valuable and practical property advice, focuses on the best interests of the buyer. Keep up the good fight against spruikers! – Adrian_77 on iTunes, March 2016


Sensible, logical and inspiring. Very helpful, educational and insightful. Definitely worth listening. – Mr Ric on iTunes, March 2016


As a home owner with a young family, I’m sick of sitting on the fence about starting an investment portfolio, it’s great to hear consistent and experienced information on getting started. Half the battle is ‘selling’ it to the wife and your conservative (or as you state, boring) approach, definitely helps to sell a bright future for our family later on! – Leeroy08 on iTunes, March 2016


Having spent the last 12 months listening avidly to these conver-info-sations I’ve felt far more armed with knowledge and determination to go ahead and do it. I never grew up with parents pushing me towards thinking about the future let alone the strategies to secure it, so Im now in my 50s and feeling like its a bit late. These podcasts have helped me move from pre-contemplation to contemplation then possibility to action. Thanks guys, and thanks to Matt, Joel and Jodie. – Ross F., March 2016


I’ve only just found this podcast and am powering through the back catalogue of episodes. Great work guys. Loving every episodes and the valuable information and the detail and clarity in which its delivered is brilliant. I’ve learnt more about investing in 5 episodes, than in the last 3 years of reading! – jarrydpbyrne on iTunes, March 2016


This podcast makes you realise that anyone can get into the property investing world and change their lives for the better. I powered through 52 episodes in a month to get up to date an now I don’t know how I’ll survive with one one episode per week! Although it made me realise that I’ve just made a bad decision when buying my second property, I know I won’t make the same mistake again and look forward to building a property portfolio with help from these gurus. – Axel Feature on iTunes, March 2016


These guys are absolutely amazing! I found out about them seven days ago and I have listened to 30 out of their 53 episodes at the time of writing. they are both very down to earth aussies who simply want to share their knowledge and help others do what these guys do every day, on such a professional level! If you’re thinking about getting into property investing then theses guys are a must! – commissars on iTunes, March 2016


Bryce and Ben and very generous with the quality information they share every week. They have the knack of delivering fundamental knowledge needed to be a seasoned property investor in a way that anyone can understand. Keep up the great work. – bannand85 on iTunes, February 2016


This podcast has been life changing. So simplistic and full of common sense. Really worth going back to episode 1 and listening in order Please keep this going Ben and Bryce it is inspirational to listen to each week. – jet_ski_leigh on iTunes, February 2016


An amazing podcast, great conversational and informed discussion. Topics are relevant and the examples are realistic with clear and measurable outcomes. It has inspired me to deeply consider property investment. If only all investing podcasts were this good. – 57oIn on iTunes, February 2016


I think the guys do a great job. I enjoy listening on my Saturday morning walk and as a finance professional I recommend the show to everybody. – Dannny5 on iTunes, February 2016


An excellent reference for those that are serious about increasing their financial education in real estate. Thanks Bryce and Ben. – Ryan Downunder on iTunes, February 2016


I am so very glad that I have tuned into your property podcasts before beginning to invest. The tips and tricks you guys have poured into these podcasts are informative and insightful. Property is a huge step for a first time investor. I’d absolutely love to see you guys dedicate a podcast to first time investors/young people that breaks down some of the jargon/information used in prior podcasts. Keep them coming! – Alex on iTunes, February 2016


Fantastic podcast, easy to listen and understand. I’ve just subscribed and binge listened to all of the episodes to date. The information is practical advice, covering all ranges of investing. Highly recommended to anyone who is considering property investment through to experienced investors. Good work fellas, looking forward to the next episode. – SPM1234 on iTunes, February 2016


Wish I had found you guys before. Well done guys. After being burn by a spruikers. Lost interest in real estate podcasts until now. Finally found a podcast with great information. – Gman_alves on iTunes, February 2016


Thanks for your podcasts guys. We have recently started our journey into investment and your podcasts have given us confidence and peace that the team we have enlisted are the right team for us. Thank you thank you thank you. – teenydamasco on iTunes, February 2016


Whether you are new to investing or experienced (or somewhere in between like me) this is a great podcast to improve your property investment knowledge! – Brim13 on iTunes, February 2016


Such a listener friendly, no BS guide to all things real estate and wealth creation. Highly educational and entertaining. Can’t wait for each weeks podcast! So great, keep up the great work.- Fizzymilk57 on iTunes, February 2016


Makes the drive to work more productive and enjoyable. Love the way Ben and Bryce handle topics and deliver educational information in a really easy to digest format. Also thoroughtly enjoy the guests as well.- LukeMG85 on iTunes, February 2016


Really informative, no-nonsense and practical advice. The hosts are qualified and well informed to the Australian market which is useful. The hosts are down to earth and make effort to simplify their advice for the audience, which is good for a property newbie like me! Defiantly check out this podcast if you are interested in one day buying a home or building an investment portfolio.- Dses1509 on iTunes, February 2016


I’ve been wanting to invest and have been to auctions and off plan apartments information but never took any action to go further.. Been listen to these guys and they have been really awesome with the information they provide to get started, tips and tricks. I feel like I’m more knowledgeable and will look at different areas to invest! Thanks guys! Also I’ve been listening to them from newest to oldest without any issues ;)- Keen noob investor on iTunes, February 2016


Great, useful content from an independent source. Anyone interested in property needs to hear this.- Darren Hillier on iTunes, February 2016


The most helpful, genuine, sound advice on the nuts n’ bolts of property investing. Easy to understand, free advice – I absolutely recommend listening to this podcast whether you’re a novice like me, or already have property portfolio.- PracticalPete2 on iTunes, January 2016


Thank you gentlemen. Priceless advice with chat that’s a pleasure to listen to.- Jarrydz on iTunes, January 2016


Can’t get enough of this property podcast!! No bs and no sales pitch. So much good info could listen for hours!!- Sty1ee on iTunes, January 2016


Such an informative and entertaining weekly segment! Ben and Bryce really know their stuff and freely give such valuable information. Thanks so much guys, I keep learning new things and this has been very helpful on my investment journey.- Stevo_in_Oz on iTunes, January 2016


Love love this! Being a property investor myself, I love how these two guys “pay it forward” by educating the average Joe on financial literacy. Easy to follow and understand. Motivates me to improve my portfolio! A must for all!- Jbm.yee on iTunes, January 2016


Educational and entertaining. Thank you and keep up the good work- CraigBest12 on iTunes, January 2016


Great stuff guys! Currently up to Ep.18. Your informative commentary has completely changed my perspective. – Greg W., January 2016


As a novice investor who just purchased my first property, I find the information within this series of podcasts invaluable, easy to understand and to the point. I happily recommend it to friends who have an interest in property investment. It’s so refreshing to get property advice without the sales pitch. Thanks for sharing guys! Can’t wait to listen to the remaining episodes. – Ray G on iTunes, Dec 2015


If you have any interest in starting in Property Investing, or even if you have 10, this show is invaluable. You will pick up a “Gold Nugget” of one small piece of vital insight in every podcast – Ray G on iTunes, Dec 2015


Fantastic podcast, good work Ben and Bryce. I am a novice to property investment and learning a lot in every podcast. Keep up the good work and would love to see goodbye’s in Asian and/or Subcontinent languages. Love the podcast – Mitesh13 on iTunes, Dec 2015


Love these podcasts. Learning a lot so thank you – TKP on iTunes, Dec 2015


I’ve just found this podcast. Currently on my 20th episode within 3 days. Can’t get enough of it. Thanks guys. – Knob Juggler on iTunes, Dec 2015


The best Australian property advice podcast out there. Easy to understand, great topics and fantastic advice! Thanks guys, really appreciate all the hard work. – MattAngelofDeth on iTunes, Dec 2015


Love the cast. Keep up the great work. – Seanobarno on iTunes, Nov 2015


Hi Guys, Love the podcast, have listen to most episodes twice now. I always wait for the next episode to come out, feels like forever. I also really appreciate that you try and summarise your content covered at the conclusion of the episodes as it helps to retain that information. Keep up the great work, it is very much helpful and appreciated. – John G., Nov 2015


Hi Guys, I absolutely love your podcasts. You guys come across as very genuine in just wanting to help people to get more educated in property investing and not trying to push or sell any hidden agendas. (Like most people in the property investing industry). The laid back casual conversations make you want to not stop listening to them!! Keep up the good work guys. Cheers – Jamie R., Nov 2015


Gents – this series is very engaging and informative. It has brought greater structure to my own thinking around investment, so thank you. What is your plan for when Ben has run out of languages to sign off in? Perhaps switch from a French accent to a Polish accent? ๐Ÿ™‚ – Paul M., Nov 2015


Some really useful and interesting information in there (when they are not talking about sport!) Thank you. – Auto X on iTunes, Nov 2015


Excellent podcast and informative. – BenFev on iTunes, Nov 2015


Hi guys, I look forward to each and every podcast as they get released. I am a very passionate property investor and I believe your podcasts are a great source of knowledge for everyone from novices, to seasoned veterans. love your work!- Jack Cole, Oct 2015


These boys get the property conversation right. They’re knowledgeable and down to earth, give you straight forward tips and practical advice. This is essential listening for investors and home owners alike. Well done Byrce and Ben!- JimmyViolet on iTunes, Oct 2015


Probably the best podcast I’ve listened to. These guys present objective advice that anyone can understand. – Jase Jones on iTunes, Oct 2015


These guys are easy to listen to and a wealth of knowledge. I love that their finger is on the pulse of the Australian market and everything is up to date and relative. I look forward to hearing more podcasts. Clever guys, well worth the listen!! – Joel on iTunes, Oct 2015


What an excellent podcast! Look forward to my weekly dose guys. A must listen to if you are thinking of or have investing in property. Thank you – Podgau. on iTunes, Sept 2015


Invaluable advice said very simple and professionally. Keep it coming! – Mitch S. on iTunes, Sept 2015


Really informative, focused podcast on investing in property in Australia. – Harini on iTunes, Sept 2015


A great view on a broad range of topics for all stages of investors – Jack C., Sept 2015


Thanks Bryce and Ben. I look forward to your podcast each week and have listened from Episode 1! I’ve been investing in property for abour 15-years and always take something away from your discussion. The format and content is spot on, plus the additional resources are great. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge, expertise and insights in a ‘plain English’ way. Thanks again and please keep going with this podcast. – nic049 on iTunes, Sept 2015


Love the pod casts guys, great information, delivered in way thats easy to take in and put to use. – Barongt on iTunes, Sept 2015


Hi Guys, I came across your pod casts at episode 25 in the iTunes story, I’ve done the full done load and listened to 22 so far in 8 days and love it. Must be an age thing as what you guys talk about really talks to me at a different level over other things I’ve read or listened too, thanks. – Bryan, Sept 2015

The Property Couch Reviews

Great advice and well worth listening to. – Dannnyg5 on iTunes, Sept 2015


Thanks Gents, As an “L” plate investor it has given me knowledge that has given me confidence to take the plunge. – Rohan P., August 2015


Fellas I have to say that stumbling upon your couch casts have been perfect for us although in our case maybe a little earlier may have changed our first investment step however with your help the next few should assist us to our end goal. As a rep on the road they get me from customer to customer and I’m currently on my third run. Thanks for all your advice and your time. We look forward to catching up soon. Regards Andy and Becky. – Andy M., August 2015


This is easily the best property investing podcast going around. Easy to listen to and great info for people of all knowledge and experience levels. Keep up the great work guys. – marky87hi on iTunes, August 2015


I’m a property investor and find the information in these podcasts great. – Mjos4 on iTunes, August 2015


Fantastic Podcast and website, really like the way you approach property investing from a responsible point of view, what really hit home for me was in episode 3 of your podcast, talking about Cashflow and budgets. Not only budgeting for the now but predicting the future and allowing for interest rate rises and lifestyle changes (ie starting a family etc). Thanks for putting it together, the information has been invaluable. – Andres, July 2015


This podcast gives you quality information and education on property investment in Australia. Both hosts are very experienced and you can seriously learn a lot from this program. They even put a lot of effort in answering listeners question and from their answers you can learn even more. – Aaron on iTunes, June 2015


This is a fantastic resource for property investors and I love the motivation behind it – disseminating quality information to average Aussie punters and passing on decades of knowledge in the real estate industry. There are a lot of cowboys in the real estate industry and it is poorly regulated, this podcast tried to even the playing field by providing listeners with the most important defence of all: Knowledge. There are no ulterior motives and no products being flogged. Very refreshing to see these days that people take their time to pass on such genuine (and quality) advice. Highly recommended. – Robinson on iTunes, May 2015


Incredibly entertaining and educational. I’m giving 5 stars because this podcast has me learning new things every time I listen and opens my mind up even outside of the topics discussed. – soap1125 on iTunes, May 2015


Very informative podcast. Thanks guys and keep up the great work. – Spidey_ on iTunes, May 2015


Love your podcasts Ben & Bryce. Very informative, educational and not ‘salesy’ in any way. Telling all my Landlord property investor clients to listen to it so they can increase their knowledge. Thanks again. – Carolyn, May 2015


Very useful Australian property advice in easy-to-digest topical conversations. Really well done. – Sureinoz on iTunes, May 2015


Great Property Investing podcast! I literally can’t wait to see when a new episode is available each week. ( A bit miffed this last one was late but I guess Ben had a sort of excuse with his operation). Informative and easy to follow, you learn something new each week. Keep up the great work. – Ray, May 2015


Hello, I am very much enjoying the podcast and I appreciate you sharing this knowledge for free. – David, April 2015


Great and informative podcast and will engage people to think and hopefully understand the difference between good advice and a sales pitch. Thanks – Steve, April 2015


Firstly I am an avid listener on your pod casts and the Four Pillars of Mastery have really opened my eyes on the parts of property investing that are not necessarily thought of until its almost to late, for example Borrowing Power. – Krys, April 2015


It’s great progress that you guys are doing. I learned a lot from you guys. Thanks. Keep rolling. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Bhola on iTunes, April 2015


Hi guys, love the YouTube channel! I’ve listened to the first 6 episodes in the last 2 days. Thanks so much for providing people with this information! – Leah, April 2015


This is fantastic! Love the fact that this is educational via casual conversation. As a listener, I was pleased that this was about sharing knowledge which I really enjoyed (i.e. what turns most people off in my opinion is where videos/podcast etc. is pitched about learning but is actually trying to flog a product or service). This is purely education and is different to others. – Durjoy on iTunes, March 2015


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