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Here Are All our Playlist Folks!

COVID-19 on Property, Finance and Money Management:  

  • Across the globe, we’ve all been impacted by COVID-19… and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing any time soon…
    With all of the unknowns out there… what DO we know? And how is COVID-19 going to affect property prices, the economy and our purse strings? Get our recent updates here.  
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  • The essentials are the absolute fundamentals of Property, Finance and Money Management! These are the FIRST 20 EPISODES of The Property Couch and are a must-listen for everyone. Check out the Binge Guide that covers all the best bits – go to our Free Resources Section for more 
  • iTunes: Download the playlist file here


Money, Money, Money!: 

  • Money. It makes the world go round. But no one likes “too much month” at the end of the money… so check out our BEST episodes on Money Management – incl. Money SMARTS, Money Habits, Money Hacks and Money Mindset. Ft. the brains-trust of Paul Clitheroe (the original Money guru!), Effie ZahosNew York Times #1 Bestseller James Clear and plenty more… 
  • iTunes: Download the playlist file here


Let’s Talk About Finance :  

  • A property investor walks into a bank and says, “Hey, can I have a home loan?”
    Just joking, please DON’T do that. Listen to these instead – from everything to Borrowing Power, Offset Accounts, Cross-Collateralisation, Interest rates, Finance Structure and Strategy, PI vs. IO Loans, Investment-Savvy Mortgage Broker and much, much more… 
  • iTunes: Download the playlist file here


Finding The ‘Perfect’ Property:  

  • How do you find the perfect property? What does it look like and where is it located? Find out the top tips on asset selection, incl. investment stock vs investment grade, the reality of tax depreciation, property spruikers”, contract reviews, building a portfolio and way more! 
  • iTunes: Download the playlist file here


Mindset Matters:  

  • A wise man by the name of Jim Rohn once said, “Stand guard at the door of your mind”
    When it comes to property, finance and money management matters., this is key. Why? You’re going upstream, against the tideSo invest in your MIND as well as the investment fundamentals. These episodes will help. Hear from  James Clear, Jaemin Frazer, Chris Helder, Karla, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Julie Ann Cairns and Matt Srama.
  • iTunes: Download the playlist file here


Meet the Elite:

  • They’ve Been There. They’ve Done It. And Now They Teach What They’ve Learnt. Hear from the professional experts who have made a living out of investing in property and know first-hand what to do (and what never to do)! Ft. Jan Somers, Paul Clitheroe, Effie Zahos, Susan Alberti, Alan Oster, Alan Kohler, Roger Montgomery, Margaret Lomas, Jeremy Sheppard, Peter Koulizos, Veronica Morgan and heaps more!
  • iTunes: Download the playlist file here


Real Life Transformations:  

  • Hear first-hand from your peers who have gone ahead and implemented what they’ve learnt on the podcast! Yes, these folks are real life investors who have featured on our Summer Series because they are
    1.) Awesome 2.) Have an inspiring story 3.) Explain exactly how they did it 
  • iTunes: Download the playlist file here


Question and Answers! :  

  • This is the ENTIRE VAULT of our Q&A Episodes! Yep, folks ask. We answer. We cover a HUGE list of topics/questions so take a listen at what’s most useful for you! Don’t forget, you can always email us your own Question 😊 
  • iTunes: Download the playlist file here





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